steam shower cost


At first glance, chances are good that you believe that a home steam shower is something only for gyms, spas, and homes of the rich and famous. And up until now, you would have a lot of evidence to prove you were right. On the other hand, thanks to vast improvements in technology as well as some innovative thinking, you could never be more wrong. Right now, generally speaking, a steam shower in your home could never be more affordable. Even better is the fact that with extenuating circumstances, the price of a steam shower could be considerably less than what you would initially imagine. Here are a few of those considerations.

1. Adding value to your home. Adding a steam shower to your home does come at a cost. This is true. But when you consider the value that such an environment enhancing product adds to your home, it’s a bargain. Consider this: if you were to try to sell your home right now, what amenities would you stress in your selling points? Nice kitchen? Those are a dime a dozen. Big backyard? Many homes have them. So how many of the homes in your neighborhood have a steam shower? Probably none. Steam showers are a wonderful plus to any home and will help you to get a higher resale price and when it comes time to sell it will help you to sell your home quicker than others on the block.

2. Shorter shower times. Steam showers operate with steam, not water. As a result, you will take showers that are considerably shorter since you have many of the same benefits using your steam shower as opposed to a traditional shower so you will tend to use less hot water and will end up saving money overall. So it is giving you not just a nicer showering experience but it is also an eco friendly choice.

3. Cost of preparation. One of the first things you need to consider when purchasing a steam shower is where it will go. If you have a predetermined place where your steam shower would be installed, you have an advantage. There will be a need for plumbing, so if that is close or could be easily extended, costs would be minimized there too. Best of all, if you have a shower or tub stall that could be converted into an enclosure, all you would need to have installed is the steam generator itself, which would significantly reduce the cost.

These are only a few of many considerations that you would need to think about when purchasing your steam shower. Better yet, take advantage of the expert knowledge of the pros at They will work with you to give you just what you want at a price that is more reasonable than you would have ever imagined.  Typically you will end up paying more overall for a tiled steam shower due to the extra labor cost to tile and properly prep and seal the area for steam. Whereas a free standing steam shower is a complete package that requires little labor to install but the product cost is a little more than using just a steam generator and tiling the shower. Either way you benefit by installing a steam shower in your home.