How to Upgrade Your Shower Experience

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Most of us shower at least once every day, so it’s important to make sure that shower time is both pleasant and comfortable. Even if you’re only taking a quick one, taking steps to make it the best experience will enable you to feel fully revitalized and refreshed once you’re done. Even though showering is an activity that most people would describe as being routine or mundane, there’s always some room for improvement. We’ve listed some of the best ways to improve your shower experience.

#1. Clean Your Shower Regularly:

Nobody likes cleaning their shower, but unfortunately, it’s an essential task that needs to be done. Not only does a clean, sparkling and fresh-smelling shower make the whole experience of getting washed up a much nicer one, it’s also essential for your health and for keeping unwanted pests out of your home. Cleaning your shower at least once per month also helps to prevent mold, which is vital for keeping allergies and illnesses at bay.

#2. Upgrade Your Shower Head:

Luxury Rain Shower Head

Something as basic as a weak or old shower head can become a bigger problem when you’re using the shower. If upgrading your whole bathroom isn’t in your budget, you might want to consider getting a new showerhead. A showerhead that provides a strong, steady stream of water, or includes functions such as a massage setting, can turn any regular shower into a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Rain shower heads are also becoming more popular – look into the different options at A filter showerhead is designed to eliminate the chlorine often found in tap water, making it easier on the health of your skin and hair.

#3. Change Your Loofah Regularly:

If like many people you use a loofah when you shower, don’t forget to replace it with a new one on a regular basis. A loofah that you’ve had in your bathroom for some time will quickly start to cultivate bacteria, spreading it all over your body when you wash. In some cases, this can lead to serious health problems and infections, so don’t let your loofahs stick around for too long. If it turns a different color or begins to give off a strange smell, replace it immediately.

#4. Upgrade Your Shower Routine:

Along with keeping the bathroom environment clean and clutter-free, making some simple changes to your shower routine each morning or evening can improve the experience for you. Applying a face mask before, rather than after you shower can help to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Using a good moisturizing cream or serum immediately after showering and patting your skin dry will ‘lock-in’ the moisture from your shower. Exfoliate once a week to eliminate any dead skin cells and refresh your skin and keep your hair in good condition by shampooing it gently to avoid any tangles and breaks.

The shower is one of the most-used appliances in the home, so make sure that you’re having a good one every time.


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Q & A: How Do I Use My Steam Bath For The First Time


So, you’ve taken the plunge (so to speak) and purchased your very own steam shower. Perhaps you’ve opted for a pre-fabricated, modular type that’s ready to use as soon as the pieces are properly secured and sealed. Or, perhaps you’ve splurged on a complete custom steam room. Whichever course you’ve followed, you can now have a personal spa experience any time you feel like it.

Even though you have the user instructions that came with the steam shower unit, and advice from either our support technicians or your own contractor, you may be wondering how exactly you should use your steam shower for the first time.

Best tips for getting most enjoyment out of steam shower.

Begin by ensuring that your body temperature is at room temperature or cooler. Then, turn on the steam function. Sit back on the bench and soak up the warm steam for no more than 30 minutes. Afterwards, you can cool off by stepping out of the steam shower unit. Or, you can stand under the cool spray of the water. The key to enjoying the whole experience is to move gradually from one step to the other. Don’t shock your system by jumping into hot steam or standing under cold water at the end.

combo steam shower and bathtub

Did you opt for a combination steam shower-whirlpool tub? Lucky you! You have the option of switching at will between a relaxing steam shower and soaking in a luxury steam bath. As with the steam shower, make sure your body is not already too warm before slipping into the whirlpool tub. The key is to always make sure that you don’t overtax your circulation. “Used properly, a steam bath will help to overcome the stresses of everyday life, to relax and recover, and to gain new strength and improve general physical and mental well being” .

Do you have questions about how to use your steam shower or whirlpool tub? Ask us!

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4 Types of Showerheads

combo steam shower and bathtub

Your overall showering experience is affected by many factors. One of these is the type of showerhead you’re using. Check out four common showerhead types below:

Standard Wall-Mount Showerhead
The most economical option, standard wall-mount showerheads can be adjusted slightly by moving the shower neck. Models that offer varying spray types fit the needs of most users. Source: BHG

Hand-Held Showerhead
A hand-held showerhead is connected to a long hose and it sit in a cradle when it is not in your hand. Handheld showerheads can be used as a fixed shower head but when taken off the cradle they can be used for much more, like bathing pets, washing children, and even for cleaning the tub.
Hand-held showerheads are available in many different lengths of hose but to meet ADA compliance they must be at least 84” long. The longer the hose the more convenient but it could get in the way of the tub. Hoses between 60” and 72” work well for the average home. Source: Plumbing.About

Ceiling-Mount Showerhead
The ceiling-mount or top-mount showerhead is installed on the ceiling. The spray of this type of showerhead is reminiscent of rain, as water comes from directly overhead. Ceiling-mount showerheads come in many shapes and sizes. Some models can also be mounted flush to the ceiling, which is great for bathrooms with low ceiling heights. Source: Property24

Aerating Showerhead
By mixing air with water, these showerheads form a misty spray to make the flow feel more substantial. Laminar-flow showerheads form individual streams of water instead. On the models we tested, aeration cooled the water from 5 to 15 degrees F on its way from the showerhead to where it would hit your back. Laminar-flow showerheads may cost a little more, but they save energy by maintaining the water temperature better. And they don’t create as much steam and moisture, a plus especially if you live in a humid region. Source: ConsumerReports

Step up your shower experience by trying out a new type of showerhead! Contact us!


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Buying A Steam Shower? Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes!



help with choosing a steam shower to buy

Ah yes, the life of luxury. That’s where it’s at! All you need is your very own steam shower – complete with aromatherapy dispenser and chroma lights. (Because, if you’re going to buy a steam shower, why not go all out, right?)

But, before you get to the part where you relax in your steam shower, you’re going to need to know something super important. There are 3 mistakes that can end up costing you a lot of money. Do your research now. Save some headaches and possibly money later.

  1. Measure, measure, measure. Believe it or not, many of us think we know how large our bathrooms are. We walk into a store and buy a steam shower only to discover that it’s an inch or more too large for the space. Looks can be deceiving. But so can tape measures. Give us a call, and we’ll help you figure out exactly how to ensure that your steam shower will fit along with any electrical and plumbing needs that factor in. The delays and extra work can end up adding thousands of dollars to your budget
  2. Know thyself. There really are a whole lot of different kinds of steam showers available to you. Consider whether you want it to include a whirlpool tub with a combo steam shower and bathtub. Do you want it to accommodate two people? How about accessories, like Bluetooth? Will pets or children use it, too? Once you start looking at all the possibilities, it really is easy to get carried away! Start with a firm budget. Then determine who will be using and how often. Talk with one of our experts to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.
  3. Running hot or cold. Does your existing shower valve protect you from water temperature extremes? You’ll know the answer if you’ve ever turned on the spray only to be met with ice cold or scalding hot water. If you are building your own tiled shower to Make sure you ask the plumber to install a thermostatic valve. That little device will automatically mix hot and cold until the water is the perfect temperature. All steam showers sold at Perfectbath come standard with thermostatic control valve.

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4 Shower Design Ideas

Remodeling your bathroom shower can completely change the look of your bathroom. Here are some shower designs ideas that you might want to consider!

Below are 4 shower design ideas:

Add Some Art
This art deco bathroom has inset doors and handmade subway tile on the walls of the shower. The entire room serves as a shower floor, with blue and green tiles. Clear-glass shower deflectors contribute to the clean and open composition of the room. The built-in vanity and tall cabinet ensure personal care. Source: HGTV

Light Up
Nothing brightens your day like a refreshing shower, and this is one of the brightest — with a glass block exterior wall and a skylight, there’s plenty of daylight. Choose a skylight that opens to let humidity escape and help prevent problems with bathroom mold. Source: HouseLogic

Save Some Space
Want a bath and a shower but lack the space in a small bathroom? Rather than squeezing in separate fittings, look for an L-shaped shower bath with one wider end to give you more room for a comfortable shower. Source: IdealHome

Shower Plus Steam Room
A designer shower enclosures walk-in and a steam generator can be combined to create your very own steam room. It’s a simple way of making your own spa. The amenities are critical is this case. It would be wise to include a small window that can be opened when you use the shower alone to let the air circulate. You’ll be able to use this space both as a regular shower and a steam room and you can enjoy relaxing moments right there in your own home. Source: Homedit


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Things to Consider When Choosing a Steam Shower

Getting a steam shower for your home is a great choice because you get to experience an in-house spa retreat that offers a lot of benefits for your body. Before you choose which steam shower to get, consider the things listed below:

Image Source: Flickr
  • Be sure to install the steam shower generator within 20 to 25 feet of the steam shower enclosure.
  • The steam shower generator should be able to quickly boil water to produce an adequate amount of steam within a few minutes.
  • The steam shower generator should run quietly and produce steam evenly on a consistent basis. Source: Homebuilding
  • Make sure you have sufficient room. Space requirements are not to be overlooked when considering a steam enclosure. This is particularly true with modular units that you’re planning on installing in an existing bathroom or some other location. Make sure you fully comprehend their footprint size so that you’re not overcrowding the existing space you have.
  • Health benefits & health cautions too. A steam enclosure provides a number of beneficial health effects from deep skin cleansing and respiratory benefits to deep relaxation. But they’re also not for everyone. Manufacturers note that if you have prevailing heart conditions, high blood pressure or are pregnant you should avoid steam showers. Your physician will be able to advise you on whether you’re fit for a steam room.
  • Get the right size steam generator. Steam generators are available in 120-volt and 240-volt capacities. Look at it like steam generating “horsepower”. A 120-volt steam generator may be okay for small steam enclosures but larger steam rooms might need the capacity of a 240-volt unit. The other point this raises is whether your bathroom (or wherever you’re going to locate the unit) has access to the right voltage feed. Check with a certified electrician if you have questions. Source: Home-Style-Choices
  • There can’t be any exposed plaster or drywall in the area or the steam will make it soggy.
  • The door to the shower must be sealed tight.
  • Make sure there aren’t any holes in the grout around the shower. If there are, fill in the holes with silicone sealer and finish with a grout sealer. Source: DIYNetwork

Indulge in the relaxation brought about by taking a steam shower. We can help you choose the right one to fit your needs. Contact us!


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Top 10 Steam Bath Benefits You May Not Have Considered

benefits of steam bathing


Did you know that home steam showers offer dozens of benefits that range from improving health and wellness to achieving glowing skin to supporting a natural health routine? Imagine feeling more relaxed thanks to better breathing, improved blood circulation, rejuvenated skin and more… Let’s explore ten of these steam-related benefits that you may not have considered as part of living a healthier lifestyle.

Ten Wonderful Steam Bath Benefits

1. Steam therapy for congestion to clear sinuses

Experiments have shown that steam therapy can effectively soothe cold symptoms, including a runny nose caused by overactive sinuses.

2. Steam can help eliminate excess sodium

By causing you to sweat, steam helps flush your body of excess sodium and other toxins.

3. Simplify shaving with steam

Steam is a perfect addition to your morning wellness routine and benefits you by softening your skin, making it easier for a razor to glide across your face or legs for a closer, painless shave.

4. Try steam to relieve acne conditions

Steam can potentially reduce acne by opening up your pores, thereby showing the door to pimple-causing dirt and oil. It can also improve blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients toward the skin’s surface.

5. A steam session may deepen sleep

Can’t sleep? Steam therapy can help you get a full night’s rest and even increase the length of REM (deep sleep) cycles.

Steam Bath Benefits include better sleep, deeper relaxation and a boosted metabolism.

6. A steam session removes lactic acid from muscles

A steam room benefits your workout routine by helping to remove some of the lactic acid that accumulates in your muscles, causing them to feel sore.

7. And may relieve the pain and discomfort of arthritis

On the same note as #6, the soothing effects of steam can relieve those achy joints and make your arthritis less noticeable.

We’ve even heard how steam can help relieve chronic symptoms.

8. Personal trainers advise that steam can boost your body’s metabolism

Personal trainer Nick Casteel advises that, aside from soothing muscles and joints, steam can actually increase your body’s metabolism and allow you to lose weight more quickly.

9. A 15-minute steam bathing session will burn 150 calories

Don’t quit your exercise routine, but a steam bath can be a great supplement for burning calories for health and fitness. On average, you will burn 150 calories in a 15-minute steam bathing session at 114° F.

10. Steam conserves water

A 20-minute steam bath uses less than one gallon of water, compared to 75 gallons for a typical whirlpool bath and even more for a basic multi-headed shower system. This means that it literally costs cents to operate.

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke, Writer and foremost expert in steam showers and bathroom fixtures.


5 Tips on Maintaining Your Steam Shower

Steam Shower Features

Steam showers are pricier than your average shower, but considering all the benefits, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the investment. Bearing in mind how much the cost is, as much as possible we would want to maintain the state of our newly installed steam shower as it is. The trick is to be on top of things and not wait until the damage becomes hard to fix, and to do that, follow the tips below:

Steam Shower/ Whirlpool Bathtub DA328F3-1 59.1″x32″x87″

Weak Steam Output
After about 20 showers its good practice to clean the steam generator
Fill the tank with between 5 to 10 grams of citric acid diluted with about 1.5 liters of warm water.
Let it set for 12 hours before turning it on to heat the water. This will vaporize the citric acid.
The steam generator will have a manual drain valve. This valve should be drained approximately every 2 months. You may have to remove any large clumps by hand. Source: Bathroomz

Inspecting for Tightness of Seals and Joints
Silicone seals, water supply joints, valves, and nozzles should be checked at least once a year. If the silicone seals are loose, replace them. Sealing the doors and walls is quite easy. Nozzles, joints, and drainage systems can be tightened or repaired using the most basic plumbing skills. Source: DoItYourself

It’s Worth It to Squeegee
Water can leave behind minerals that create a whitish haze over glass doors and tile. The longer the minerals sit, the harder they are to remove. So a quick squeegee after the last shower of the day will make cleaning easier in the long run. Source: HGTV

A Natural Alternative
A mixture of baking soda and water makes a scum-fighting scrub that many experts swear by. Measurements for the mixture will vary depending on how much you need. To get started, try using a half-cup of baking soda, and then add water as needed to make a thick paste. Using a nonabrasive sponge, scrub the glass and rinse it with vinegar. Source: Houzz

Maintaining Steam
Hot, damp areas are perfect incubators for mold and mildew. After using your steam shower, open the door to dry out your bathroom, and run the exhaust fan to suck out the steam.
Every few months, flush the unit to get rid of calcium deposits. Source: Houselogic

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In-Home Steam Baths

woman taking a steam bath in her home

When was the last time you were at work, at the end of a long and stressful day, and said to yourself, “Wow. I can hardly wait to get home and sit in the shower.” Never, right? Unfortunately, that, in essence, is what most people do. They literally expect to get into their shower and wash away the tensions and aches caused by the day.

Now, contrast that with something much better, something that is much more therapeutic, like a rich, luxurious steam bath. How do you think that would be in contrast to your ordinary, garden-variety shower? And we’re not talking about just a shower with the heat turned up. This is a genuine in-home steam bath.

The benefits of steam have been known for many years. People have enjoyed the physical, and even mentally therapeutic benefits of steam for centuries. But now, you don’t even have to go to a spa or even a fancy hotel to enjoy the benefits of a steam bath. You can enjoy steam right in your own shower with a home steam bath generator from Perfectbath.

From the moment you make your first call to, you will begin learning not only how steam can benefit you, but how easy it is to enjoy the same luxurious treatment that you find at your best spas and hotels right in your own home. It’s easy, and you don’t even have to build a dedicated structure in or near you home. It’s all a matter of installing a steam generator from Perfectbath, and you’re on your way to the ultimate in relaxing, stress-relieving, pain-relieving, comfort, compliments of steam.

Why pop a pill or just sit in your shower for relief? Why not make the benefits of steam work for you as soon as you step into your in-home steam bath? This is one drug that you are sure to want to make habit-forming. In fact, your doctor is probably going to be very happy to prescribe an in-home steam bath for whatever ails you.

The good news is that you can start enjoying the benefits of an in-home steam bath as soon as it is installed . We’ve been doing that for 10 years for many happy homeowners who are now benefiting from the therapy of steam. There’s no reason to live in pain. Why not get relief, especially when it’s so easy to achieve. Why not give us a call today so you can start living in luxury tomorrow?


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Top 3 Reasons to Use a Steam Shower

Steam Shower and Bronchitis

Having a steam shower can be extremely beneficial, not only to your health and body, but also to the value of your home. Here are some of the top 3 reasons to use a steam shower.


Skin Rejuvenation
Steam Therapy keeps you glowing as warm moisture opens your pores, leaving your skin softer and more supple. Steam cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. It hydrates dry skin. And, hallelujah, it can also aid in the fight against cellulite while boosting your metabolism.
That daily steam indulgence is a natural detox that removes harmful impurities from your body. It can also enhance your breathing, leaving you with an improved sense of tranquility, promoting restful sleep and wellness. Source: MrSteam

Relieves Muscle Stiffness and Pain
The heat of the steam can help relax tight, sore muscles. The hot steam dilates blood vessels, improves circulation and increases blood flow to the muscles. This allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the areas where they are needed, which in turn helps loosen tight muscles and reduce pain.
The steam therapy can also help get rid of the lactic acid build-up in your muscles and thereby reduce soreness.
Steam rooms are often used after intense workouts to help relax tired and painful muscles. According to a 2001 article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 20 minutes of moist heat is significantly more effective than 30 seconds of static stretching. Source: Youqueen

Instant Gratification
We’ve talked a lot about the tangible benefits of steam, but we can’t compile a list like this without giving credit to the actual ease, simplicity, and time commitment (or lack thereof) of steaming. Unlike so many other body/soul treatments that require extended involvement and hours of participation, just ONE steam session can inspire tremendous changes to your physical and mental well-being. And that one session can be all of 20 minutes to reinvigorate you from head-to-toe. Source: Thermasol

With an at-home steam shower, you’ll reap the benefits of all of these perks and more.  For more information, contact us now!

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