Parts for Ariel Platinum Steam Showers

As a Premier Factory authorized dealer of steam showers, We carry a full line of parts for All Ariel Platinum Steam showers by EAGO , If you do not find the part you are looking, or not sure the part you are looking for is the correct one for you then please  e-mail us with the model number and pictures of the front of your shower and a picture of the parts you need and we will get it for you. We carry parts from the smallest clip or bracket to large panels and computer controls, Lights and Valves.

Electrical parts or components are not returnable. If you are unsure if the part is the right part for you application, please contact us for assistance. Our goal is to avoid any issues when the part is delivered.


Shower Door Parts


Door Parts New

Door Handle Bolt Kit


Shower Electrical Parts


Shower Faucet Parts



Shower Fittings

Bathtub Electrical Components

Whirlpool Pump 1.75-2.0hp 1500w


Bathtub Electrical Components

Whirlpool Pump Air Switch


Bathtub Faucet Parts

Waterline Rubber Gasket


Electrical Parts

Water Drain Soleniod Valve



Shower Fasteners


Shower Floor Boards


Shower Steam Components


Shower Seals



 Shower Accessories



If you do not find the parts you are looking for please contact us at  or 1-866-843-1641

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