Reinvent your health regime with far infrared saunas. Enjoy the health and relaxation benefits of an infrared sauna for years to come. With our Medical Grade Low EMF Saunas that exceeds industry standards for Quality and Performance.

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 Far Infrared Saunas

When one thinks of a sauna, usually “health and wellbeing” spring to mind. Once associated with luxury bath houses, saunas are now accessible and affordable for use in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a veritable health spa in your home? Firstly there are the vast number of health benefits associated with far infrared saunas.

Health practitioners prescribe saunas for their beneficial effects, that can help to treat a multitude of disorders. They work with a radiant deep penetrating heat excellent for muscle pain and inflammation. It can also improve flexibility.

Infrared Saunas also offer anti-aging and beauty benefits. By increasing circulation, you improve overall skin tone for a youthful glow. The detoxifying benefits will aid in overall health and appearance.

And last but not least, there’s the relaxation factor. Listen to your favorite music or meditation track while letting go of the day’s worries. The chroma-therapy feature is amazing for shifting moods and can also add valuable light therapy to those who suffer the blues during the dark winter months. Sleep soundly after an evening visit to your private escape infrared sauna.

As people become more conscious of their health, a home sauna is a worthwhile investment to bring much needed relaxation and benefits to the body.


Our Far Infrared Saunas Feature: 

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  • Uses 100% ceramic heaters for the most beneficial far infrared heat therapy.
  • Ultra Low EMF radiation heaters (less than 3 Milligauss)
  • Made from hypoallergenic Canadian hemlock wood.
  • ROHS certified to be completely 100% non-toxic in construction.
  • Snap together design for quick and easy installation.
  • Color chromatherapy lighting for mood-enhancing benefits.
  • JVC CD Player with MP3 jack and iPod input for your music listening pleasure.
  • Moveable lumbar backrests for ultra-comfort and relaxation.
  • No extra electrical work needed; units use standard 110V household plugs.
  • Lifetime warranty (for both home and commercial use).
  • CSA safety approved for peace of mind.
  • Amazing energy efficiency with an approximate cost of 12 cents per hour!

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