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3 Ways to Deodorize the Bathroom

A foul-smelling bathroom can only be a source of embarrassment and annoyance. Eliminate the problem so you, or anyone else, can use the bathroom in peace. Do the following tips: Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash Maintain cleanliness Simply cleaning your bathroom on a regular basis can help with odors. You should do a […]

Eco-friendly Tips to Green your Bathroom

  Are you renovating or even building your bathroom from the ground up?  You’ve probably heard about eco-friendly rooms or ways to green up your home, and maybe you’ve even done some research or taken tips from friends who’ve done the work.  Bathrooms are good rooms to try some eco-friendly products.  Bathrooms are generally among […]


How to Make Do When Your Bathroom Is Out of Service During Renovations

Homes equipped with more than one bathroom seem much less like a luxury and more of a necessity when it becomes time to have home renovations. Residential plumbing systems aren’t always upgraded by the request of a homeowner. You might unexpectedly require bathroom renovations after experiencing water leakage and you learn that all of your […]

Hot Yoga Safety Tips

Did you know that you can practice hot yoga in the comfort of your own home if you have a sauna or other similar type of space?  Before you try it, remember the following safety tips: Photo by Form on Unsplash What is hot yoga? Hot yoga refers to yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions.  From […]