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How Do Waterless Toilets Work?

  The concept of waterless toilets might sound outdated, right? Well, if you picture that traditional outdoor structure, then it might. But in reality, a waterless toilet is actually a modern household appliance that greatly helps save on water. In some parts of the globe, developing countries, for instance, water comes off as a luxury […]

Tips on Creating an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Every single effort counts when it comes to taking care of the environment. Start practicing environmentally-safe habits right at home by choosing to do the following tips: Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash Buy a low-flow toilet Toilets use approximately 27% of the water consumed in your home — more than any other appliances or plumbing — […]

Tips for a Beach-Inspired Bathroom

There’s no need for a getaway when you can bring the beach vibes you’re longing for, right into your home. Experience relaxation every day by doing the following tips: Photo by Ryan Waring on Unsplash Choose the right lights Soothing and subtle lighting is quite common in beach and nautical themed bathrooms. Ambient, task and […]