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4 Ways to Warm Up During Winter

Yes, baby, it’s cold outside. So why not stay at home where you can feel more comfortable by doing these easy tips? Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash Bundle up Cover those places where blood flows close to the skin, Salz says. He recommends covering your wrists with a long-sleeve shirt, throwing on a sweater […]

Sauna Studies and Health Benefits


If you’re in the market for an infrared sauna, there are several key considerations to make to ensure you select the perfect sauna for your home Numerous health gurus, fitness experts and medical doctors all agree – saunas, specifically infrared saunas, can deliver a whole host of important health and wellness benefits for people of all ages. […]

4 Ways to Avoid Frozen Pipes

It’s expensive to repair broken pipes—damage that commonly occurs during winter due to low temperatures. To ensure that you get to enjoy a hot bath any time of the day without worrying about the bathroom pipes, read the following tips: Drain the lines Shut off the valves supplying your outside water lines. Individual supply lines […]