Buying A Steam Shower? Don’t Make These 3 Common Mistakes!



help with choosing a steam shower to buy

Ah yes, the life of luxury. That’s where it’s at! All you need is your very own steam shower – complete with aromatherapy dispenser and chroma lights. (Because, if you’re going to buy a steam shower, why not go all out, right?)

But, before you get to the part where you relax in your steam shower, you’re going to need to know something super important. There are 3 mistakes that can end up costing you a lot of money. Do your research now. Save some headaches and possibly money later.

  1. Measure, measure, measure. Believe it or not, many of us think we know how large our bathrooms are. We walk into a store and buy a steam shower only to discover that it’s an inch or more too large for the space. Looks can be deceiving. But so can tape measures. Give us a call, and we’ll help you figure out exactly how to ensure that your steam shower will fit along with any electrical and plumbing needs that factor in. The delays and extra work can end up adding thousands of dollars to your budget
  2. Know thyself. There really are a whole lot of different kinds of steam showers available to you. Consider whether you want it to include a whirlpool tub with a combo steam shower and bathtub. Do you want it to accommodate two people? How about accessories, like Bluetooth? Will pets or children use it, too? Once you start looking at all the possibilities, it really is easy to get carried away! Start with a firm budget. Then determine who will be using and how often. Talk with one of our experts to make sure you’ve covered all the bases.
  3. Running hot or cold. Does your existing shower valve protect you from water temperature extremes? You’ll know the answer if you’ve ever turned on the spray only to be met with ice cold or scalding hot water. If you are building your own tiled shower to Make sure you ask the plumber to install a thermostatic valve. That little device will automatically mix hot and cold until the water is the perfect temperature. All steam showers sold at Perfectbath come standard with thermostatic control valve.

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Top 10 Steam Bath Benefits You May Not Have Considered

benefits of steam bathing


Did you know that home steam showers offer dozens of benefits that range from improving health and wellness to achieving glowing skin to supporting a natural health routine? Imagine feeling more relaxed thanks to better breathing, improved blood circulation, rejuvenated skin and more… Let’s explore ten of these steam-related benefits that you may not have considered as part of living a healthier lifestyle.

Ten Wonderful Steam Bath Benefits

1. Steam therapy for congestion to clear sinuses

Experiments have shown that steam therapy can effectively soothe cold symptoms, including a runny nose caused by overactive sinuses.

2. Steam can help eliminate excess sodium

By causing you to sweat, steam helps flush your body of excess sodium and other toxins.

3. Simplify shaving with steam

Steam is a perfect addition to your morning wellness routine and benefits you by softening your skin, making it easier for a razor to glide across your face or legs for a closer, painless shave.

4. Try steam to relieve acne conditions

Steam can potentially reduce acne by opening up your pores, thereby showing the door to pimple-causing dirt and oil. It can also improve blood circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients toward the skin’s surface.

5. A steam session may deepen sleep

Can’t sleep? Steam therapy can help you get a full night’s rest and even increase the length of REM (deep sleep) cycles.

Steam Bath Benefits include better sleep, deeper relaxation and a boosted metabolism.

6. A steam session removes lactic acid from muscles

A steam room benefits your workout routine by helping to remove some of the lactic acid that accumulates in your muscles, causing them to feel sore.

7. And may relieve the pain and discomfort of arthritis

On the same note as #6, the soothing effects of steam can relieve those achy joints and make your arthritis less noticeable.

We’ve even heard how steam can help relieve chronic symptoms.

8. Personal trainers advise that steam can boost your body’s metabolism

Personal trainer Nick Casteel advises that, aside from soothing muscles and joints, steam can actually increase your body’s metabolism and allow you to lose weight more quickly.

9. A 15-minute steam bathing session will burn 150 calories

Don’t quit your exercise routine, but a steam bath can be a great supplement for burning calories for health and fitness. On average, you will burn 150 calories in a 15-minute steam bathing session at 114° F.

10. Steam conserves water

A 20-minute steam bath uses less than one gallon of water, compared to 75 gallons for a typical whirlpool bath and even more for a basic multi-headed shower system. This means that it literally costs cents to operate.

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke, Writer and foremost expert in steam showers and bathroom fixtures.


5 Tips on Maintaining Your Steam Shower

Steam Shower Features

Steam showers are pricier than your average shower, but considering all the benefits, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the investment. Bearing in mind how much the cost is, as much as possible we would want to maintain the state of our newly installed steam shower as it is. The trick is to be on top of things and not wait until the damage becomes hard to fix, and to do that, follow the tips below:

Steam Shower/ Whirlpool Bathtub DA328F3-1 59.1″x32″x87″

Weak Steam Output
After about 20 showers its good practice to clean the steam generator
Fill the tank with between 5 to 10 grams of citric acid diluted with about 1.5 liters of warm water.
Let it set for 12 hours before turning it on to heat the water. This will vaporize the citric acid.
The steam generator will have a manual drain valve. This valve should be drained approximately every 2 months. You may have to remove any large clumps by hand. Source: Bathroomz

Inspecting for Tightness of Seals and Joints
Silicone seals, water supply joints, valves, and nozzles should be checked at least once a year. If the silicone seals are loose, replace them. Sealing the doors and walls is quite easy. Nozzles, joints, and drainage systems can be tightened or repaired using the most basic plumbing skills. Source: DoItYourself

It’s Worth It to Squeegee
Water can leave behind minerals that create a whitish haze over glass doors and tile. The longer the minerals sit, the harder they are to remove. So a quick squeegee after the last shower of the day will make cleaning easier in the long run. Source: HGTV

A Natural Alternative
A mixture of baking soda and water makes a scum-fighting scrub that many experts swear by. Measurements for the mixture will vary depending on how much you need. To get started, try using a half-cup of baking soda, and then add water as needed to make a thick paste. Using a nonabrasive sponge, scrub the glass and rinse it with vinegar. Source: Houzz

Maintaining Steam
Hot, damp areas are perfect incubators for mold and mildew. After using your steam shower, open the door to dry out your bathroom, and run the exhaust fan to suck out the steam.
Every few months, flush the unit to get rid of calcium deposits. Source: Houselogic

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Is an In-Home Steam Shower Expensive?

steam shower safety

Is a Steam Shower Expensive?

steam shower cost


At first glance, chances are good that you believe that a home steam shower is something only for gyms, spas, and homes of the rich and famous. And up until now, you would have a lot of evidence to prove you were right. On the other hand, thanks to vast improvements in technology as well as some innovative thinking, you could never be more wrong. Right now, generally speaking, a steam shower in your home could never be more affordable. Even better is the fact that with extenuating circumstances, the price of a steam shower could be considerably less than what you would initially imagine. Here are a few of those considerations.

1. Adding value to your home. Adding a steam shower to your home does come at a cost. This is true. But when you consider the value that such an environment enhancing product adds to your home, it’s a bargain. Consider this: if you were to try to sell your home right now, what amenities would you stress in your selling points? Nice kitchen? Those are a dime a dozen. Big backyard? Many homes have them. So how many of the homes in your neighborhood have a steam shower? Probably none. Steam showers are a wonderful plus to any home and will help you to get a higher resale price and when it comes time to sell it will help you to sell your home quicker than others on the block.

2. Shorter shower times. Steam showers operate with steam, not water. As a result, you will take showers that are considerably shorter since you have many of the same benefits using your steam shower as opposed to a traditional shower so you will tend to use less hot water and will end up saving money overall. So it is giving you not just a nicer showering experience but it is also an eco friendly choice.

3. Cost of preparation. One of the first things you need to consider when purchasing a steam shower is where it will go. If you have a predetermined place where your steam shower would be installed, you have an advantage. There will be a need for plumbing, so if that is close or could be easily extended, costs would be minimized there too. Best of all, if you have a shower or tub stall that could be converted into an enclosure, all you would need to have installed is the steam generator itself, which would significantly reduce the cost.

These are only a few of many considerations that you would need to think about when purchasing your steam shower. Better yet, take advantage of the expert knowledge of the pros at They will work with you to give you just what you want at a price that is more reasonable than you would have ever imagined.  Typically you will end up paying more overall for a tiled steam shower due to the extra labor cost to tile and properly prep and seal the area for steam. Whereas a free standing steam shower is a complete package that requires little labor to install but the product cost is a little more than using just a steam generator and tiling the shower. Either way you benefit by installing a steam shower in your home.


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How Does a Steam Bath Reduce Weight?

weight loss in steam bath

losing weight in Steam shower

Do you need to lose some weight? Yes? You and everybody else. The truth is that Canadians and Americans will try virtually anything to drop some pounds. The trouble is separating the true from the far-fetched. One strategy that has been around for a while and has a fair number of believers is the use of steam rooms. And while there is some truth to this, there is a little, well, baloney. Consider this your guide to separating the two.

Scientific evidence that covers the subject of steam rooms and their effect on weight loss is hard to come by. Making matters worse, although there is some credence to claims that steam rooms aid in weight loss, the evidence supporting this is not as promising as it might sound. Plainly stated, steam rooms provide minimal benefits to those who want to use them to lose weight, but those minimal benefits have permanent consequences.

How Does a Steam Bath Reduce Weight?

Steam baths normally operate at a temperature of between 110 to 114 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher temperature causes our bodies to sweat–“glitter” for the ladies–which means that you have shed water that is normally retained by your body. This sweat is normally released as part of your body’s natural cooling system. Losing this water will obviously cause you to lose weight in proportion to the amount of water you lose. It is important to note, however, that you have lost water weight, not fat, which is what you lose when you perform a workout. As soon as you leave the steam bath and drink a glass of water, that same weight is regained by your body.

When Is Losing Water Weight a Good Idea?

Bodybuilders and other high-performance athletes know that losing water weight can be a good thing, especially when they are trying to “cut up” for an important competition. It is important to realize, however, that while losing water, you are also losing electrolytes and other important substances, which can be very dangerous. Don’t let this keep you from your steam bath, however. Instead, use a steam bath and the physical and mental benefits as a reward for a good workout, which will no doubt benefit you in losing weight.

Used properly, steam rooms can provide a number of excellent health benefits. Just as is the case with so many fitness fads, however, you must exercise caution when using them. The bottom line is to use your head and listen carefully to what your body is telling you. That way you can’t go wrong, and you will enjoy the health benefits of your steam bath for many years to come.

Looking for your own steam room? Learn more about residential steam generators at

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Essential Considerations When Installing A Steam Shower

steam shower safety

Essential Considerations When Installing A Steam Shower At Home

People are now realizing that steam showers are best for one’s health. Sadly, only a few are coming up with the right choices when it comes to setting up one. So that you can make the correct judgments and avoid committing mistakes that you will certainly regret, below are recommendations that you can use:

1. Find only the finest service provider

Many people use the services of companies to install this shower all the time. You need to know that there’ll be that person who isn’t well suited for the task on hand. There are several contractors who oftentimes oversell their capabilities. For your unit to be fantastic, you need to get a contractor that has the expertise in this type of work. One great way of finding the right steam shower service provider is to ask the person who sold you the steam shower.

The primary job of the specialist will be to assess the space requirements of your shower and figure out the perfect way to make it fit in the bathroom.

2. Buy a steam shower kit

Getting a contractor can make things simple for you but it will add more to your expenses. Plus, you would need to watch over him every now and then or all the time just to be certain that he gets the task finished appropriately and without delay. For individuals who cannot afford the associated cost, a steam shower kit  or modular steam shower would also be adequate. The kit comes along with instructions on how to put together the steam shower. Anybody can install it by simply following the given instructions without having to be an expert in the field. Everything is detailed and often times has photos which can really help you get it right. The main thing to remember is that you remain calm, remain patient and read through everything twice in order to avoid making mistakes and if you purchase your product from a good company that offers technical support then use it to get details right the first time.

3. It is very important see if there are leaks

This is among the most essential things that one have to examine. Making sure that steam does not leave the shower can save you a good deal on electricity and water bills. In order to do this, you need a water-proof door, ceilings and walls. You also need to ensure that the unit is air-tight.

Apart from having your resources used up, it’s also going to be less efficient when the steam keeps leaking out of the unit. Steam leaks causes you to take more time to feel relaxed and thoroughly clean. Lastly, there’s also a small chance that the interior of your bathroom is going to be damaged by the escaping vapor.

4. Make it blend

There are property owners who rush the installation of their steam showers without thinking about its aesthetic appeal. When choosing your shower or kit, make sure that the color also blends with your bathroom tiles. If it is possible, find one with a look that features your present bathroom design. Properly setting up your steam showers in your home will make your loved ones enjoy using it and it can even lure potential buyers if you ever put up your home for sale in the future.

Some showers have replaceable glass. If you think that the glass must be shaded, see-through or want some other design, you need to change it immediately so the original one could be kept as an extra.

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The Right Way to Install Steam Shower Units

How to install a steam shower the right way

Generally there are a lot of types of steam shower units that exist right now and all of them have one thing alike : ease of installation. All of them require a level base for the unit to be stable and also to make sure proper drainage of the water. The front of the system, that’s typically the door, is the first wall you need to connect to the base. The system has the self-tapping screws or bolts that you will need for this task. Once you have this wall in place, you can go on and assemble the rest of the walls and connect them to the bottom.

Detailed instructions come along with all steam shower systems. Even if you’re the type of individual who does not read through directions, such directions are necessary since various makers require various unit installation procedures for various units. You cannot assume that since you assisted your neighbor set up this type of unit which the one you’ve got will require the same process. In a few models, you have to apply a layer of silicone all around the sides to seal the corners, while other models have rubber seals, that are already in place.

The right way to install a steam shower

The moment you set up the walls of steam shower units, then you could put the top of the unit in position. Up to this time you may have noticed that the system is not as rigid and wasn’t as fixed as you desire, but once you have the top in place, you’ll be pleased with its sturdiness. The moment you make use of the sealant, if it’s needed, you must tighten all the nuts and mounting bolts and fasten all of the colored wires.

When installing steam shower systems in homes where the plumbing is already in place, you will not have a lot of difficulty connecting the water pipes. The systems are available with flexible hoses and water lines, however you need to make the hookups on the wall in which you are installing the system. The drain has to be installed beneath the unit. You might have to make some changes into the plumbing when renovating your bathroom that you have enlarged so as to make space for the shower and also the steam shower enclosure.

Steam room units must have their own specialized dedicated electrical circuit or if perhaps this is not possible, you must have the bathroom on its own circuit. Examine the ground fault circuit interrupter to make sure that it’s working correctly. If you don’t, you might encounter a number of problems when you start to use the steam system and you will need to make a few alterations in the wiring to prevent electric shock.

In addition to following the outlined directions for installing steam shower systems, you have to look at the way your bath room is ventilated. Ventilation is very important to avoid an accumulation of excessive moisture from a steam shower or hot tub which can cause dampness, which in turn can lead to mold, mildew as well as other architectural damage.

If you have any questions about steam showers and installation and rough in requirements for steam showers , then contact the knowledgeble people at at 1-866-843-1641 where you can get the answers you need.

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6 Health Benefits of Using a Steam Room or Steam Shower

steam shower health benefits

6 Health Benefits of Using a Steam Room or Steam Shower

Many individuals have considered going to a steam room, but they hesitate, because they do not know what to expect or if it holds any true benefits. Believe it or not, a steam room can improve your overall physical aspects, mentality, and your general well-being. Below you will discover the great attributes of both a steam rooms or steam shower

Weight Loss

Contrary to thought, many people may think that a steam room will assist them, in their weight loss goals. If you are contemplating using this great facility to lose fat, you may be sorely disappointed. Of course, mixed martial artists swear by this technique, but what they do not tell you is they are only losing valuable water weight, through perspiration. The 114 degree Fahrenheit environment will cause you to perspire and in turn you are losing body fluid, which holds some very important ingredients.

  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Urea
  • Iron

Although the facility does not help you lose body fat, it can help you in many other ways. Be sure to replenish your fluids, in order to combat dehydration and hypernatremia (low sodium levels), which could increase your risks of developing heart and kidney failure, and potentially death.

Rejuvenates Skin   

The hot steam will dilate your skin pores, which will allow toxins and impurities to escape. Once your pores are opened, you can gently exfoliate to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin from your face. Your skin will definitely feel rejuvenated, after fifteen minutes in the steam.

Relaxation Mode

Most steamed facilities use eucalyptus oils to provide the users with a refreshing, calming atmosphere. You will feel extremely relaxed, while sitting in the room, afterwards you will feel totally exhilarated and ready to take on the world.

Respiratory Humidification

Steam has been used since the beginning of time for many different medical purposes. Steam inhalation allows moist air to enter the lungs through the nasal and oral passages. This process assists in loosening phlegm, mucus, and secretions, which acts the same way as an expectorant and nasal decongestant.

Cardiovascular Circulation

Heated steam rooms will cause your pulse and blood circulation to increase, which in turn can stabilize your blood pressure. This process will increase the oxygen and nutrient intake to your neurons, which can make you feel overall healthier.

Drive out Bacteria

Of course, medical experts have been utilizing ice cold water to decrease extremely high body temperatures, but what you may not know is hot steam can drive bacteria and organisms out of the body. Bacteria and organisms cannot live in excessively high temperatures and that is why steam is effective in killing them. This is basically the same process as the immunity response to viruses and bacteria. The body temperature increases to kill them off, which improves health and the overall well-being.

Relives Sore Muscles

There are six health benefits of using a steam room or steam shower. Bodybuilders and weightlifters find them beneficial in relieving muscle aches and soreness. The hot steam opens up the body pores and increases the blood circulation, which will cause the muscles to relax. This is basically the same as hot pack applications.


As you can obviously see a steam room can be used as an alternative tool to medications and medical treatment. This holistic health treatment is definitely recommended by all health experts, but use caution, if you are suffering from acute and chronic diseases that could potentially be complicated by high temperatures.

If you are unable to venture to the local health club or gym, you should certainly consider installing your very own steam shower at home, these self-contained units have become more affordable in recent times and as you have read above have many benefits apart from looking great.

About the Author: This article was written by Will Tottle, freelance writer and blogger for Has written several health-related articles that can benefit through the use of Steam rooms and Steam showers.


Custom Steam Shower or Modular FreeStanding Steam Shower Which is Better ?

Easy Access Walk in Shower

It’s not hard to see why steam showers are becoming more popular in bathroom remodels. Steam showers are relaxing, rejuvenate the body and mind and clean the body better than the average shower. They’re also modern, stylish and make use of convenient technology. However, once you’ve decided you’re interested in installing a steam shower, you have to decide whether you want to build a custom steam shower or if you want to purchase a pre-built free standing steam shower.

Building a custom steam shower often involves more decision making and more purchasing of separate parts. On one hand, this could be a positive for you if you want complete control over which components go into your shower. However, this may be a stressful experience for someone who doesn’t know a lot about building a steam shower.  You will have to pick out a steam shower enclosure or design the space, calculate the the appropriate sized steam generator, locate a control panel, seating and other accessories.

Custom Steam Shower
Custom Steam Shower

If you don’t use a shower enclosure, you will need to remodel the bathroom to include a shower room that is tiled and has a special door that will not let steam out into the rest of the bathroom. This can be very time consuming taking days and weeks to complete as well as these renovations will be costly. Likely in the neighborhood of $12000-$16000 or more. Granted a custom steam shower can be very luxurious but are not very well to work for small spaces largely due to the prohibitive cost of custom shower enclosures.You will also have to remodel the ceiling in the shower to be slanted so the condensation from the steam will slide down and not drip down on top of you. These decisions give you more power over the design of the shower but also raise the cost. You will also have to remotely mount the steam generator in a joining closet or other room, then run a water line to the steam generator; it will need drainage and electricity. Proper venting is a concern and a sealed membrane under your tile to prevent mold from growing and moisture damage from the steam.

It is a big mistake to think that you can take your current tiled shower enclosure and think you will just add a steam generator to transform it into a steam shower.

This is a recipe for disaster and we strongly caution against doing such a thing.

A pre-built free standing steam shower unit is an all-in-one design, which comes with really cool features already installed. These units include the steam shower enclosure, the steam generator, the control panel and usually include built-in fold-out seating or removable stools. These units are easy to install; the parts are simple to put together and the unit is plugged into the water supply and the electrical much like hooking up a washing machine. Also a nice feature is they are cost affordable for most people.

60" steam shower
Modular Free Standing Steam Shower Enclosure

Common standard features included in steam shower units include luxury features like body massage jets, color chroma-therapy lighting, aroma-therapy systems and foot massagers. See the list below to learn more:

  • FM Radio
  • Surround Sound Speakers
  • Built-in Seats
  • Wood Stools
  • Flooring and Ceiling
  • Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head
  • Handheld Shower Head
  • Shower Enclosure
  • Touch screen digital controls
  • Thermostatic temperature control valves

Additionally, some steam shower units are retrofit to fit in the space of a standard bathtub or shower. They also come in various dimensions to fit your needs. They can usually be installed easily in less than a day and you have a wonder shower that will last for years with all the benefits of a more costly custom steam shower.

In the end, only you can decide what best fits your personal wants and needs; you will need to think about whether or not a custom steam shower or an all-in-one steam shower unit is the best choice for you.

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Steam Shower Indulgence Pays Relaxation Dividends

Steam Showers Sale

Steam Shower Benefits


Imagine, It’s the end of a long day. You’re tired, or achy, or just want to chase away the winter chill. So you step into your bathroom push a button in your new shower stall, plop yourself down on a bench, and melt into a soothing cloud of eucalyptus-scented steam. Twenty minutes later, you emerge feeling relaxed, renewed, and feeling great.

That kind of indulgence used to require a trip to a health spa. But more and more home owners are opting to recreate the spa experience at home by turning their ordinary shower stalls into warm, vaporous havens called steam showers.

Along with the benefits to your skin and sinuses, there’s no standing around waiting for a whirlpool tub to fill or a sauna to heat up—and when you’re done steaming, you just turn on the shower for a refreshing rinse. To summon the steam, you simply hit the digital controls on the wall inside the shower stall. That triggers an electric valve to fill the small steam generator with about a 2 litres of cold water.

Then, just like a plug-in tea kettle, the generator’s electric element brings the water to a boil, heating the water to a steamy boil that takes only seconds as the steam generator is mounted right on the back of the shower and applies steam on demand as called for by the programmable controls inside the shower. A pipe channels the hot vapor to the steam outlet port, which fills the shower stall with tropical moisture that never gets above a safe 50 degrees Celcius.

Steam Shower Benefits

Enjoy your home spa as long as you want:
Steaming for 20 minutes consumes a mere two litres of water and only costs pennies to operate your luxury steam shower, but the benefits are priceless. By that reckoning, steam is a “green” way to bathe as even a water-saving shower head sprays about 50 gallons of water in the same period.

Steam units are sized based on the stall’s volume in cubic feet, its shape, and what it’s lined with. In a typical 4-by-5-by-8-foot stall (160 cubic feet) covered with ceramic tile requires at least a seven-kilowatt generator. For a stall tiled in stone, you’ll need twice as much steam-generating capacity. By comparison for a free standing self contained steam shower with tempered glass walls you will only need a 3-6kw steamer to do the same job as they work more efficiently and the steam generator is mounted closer to the steam outlet with the steamer mounted right on the back of the shower wall.


Installation and Costs:

Installing one of these free standing steam showers at home can seem undaunting, but while they look like something out of star trek they are surprisingly easy to install and an average handy man can tackle the task usually in less than a day.

First, you’ll need a dealer; you can find one locally or online. Some good companies to deal with are Beauty Saunas and Baths in Calgary, Alberta or online at where you can have your new shower shipped right to your door and they give free technical support to guide you along the way for your installation of your steam shower. For about $3,000 to $5,000, you can get a stand-alone, steam-ready enclosure that just needs to have the wiring and plumbing hooked up. These futuristic looking steam showers will be the WoW factor in your newly renovated master bath.

Steam-shower makers are betting their products will eventually nudge out the bathtub as the preferred place to luxuriate in the Canadian and American bathroom. Experts predict steam showers will be in 40% of homes in the United States and Canada by 2020 because of the push towards modular steam showers from developers, remodelers and custom home builders installing them in the majority of new construction and remodeled homes.


The Basics

What it is: A moisture-sealed shower enclosure equipped to deliver clouds of steam before, during, or after your shower.

  • How it works: Cold water piped into a steam generator is heated to the boiling point and then sends fresh steam to an aperture in the shower stall. Digital controls inside the shower let the user adjust the steam’s temperature and duration and can even add piped-in aromas, lighting, and music.


  • What to look for: Delivery speed. Better models take less than a minute to build up a head of steam.
  • Remote controls – That way, you don’t even have to get up from your bench to adjust steam time or temperature.
  • Auto-flush – Reduces calcium deposits on the heating element and saves you from a manual flush-out every 50 uses.


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