Tips on Using Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

Using tiles in the bathroom is a common choice for homeowners. But why go for the norm when you can have a much cheaper and stylish option? Find out more on how you can hang wallpaper in the bathroom as you read below:

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Is it possible to use wallpaper in the bathroom?
Experts agree that wallpaper in the living room, dining room, and bedroom is a definite design do, but what about the bath? The truth is that while there is plenty to consider—Won’t all that steam and humidity make the paper peel? (The answer: Not necessarily)—that’s no excuse to deny an oft-overlooked room the statement moment it deserves. If you’re considering incorporating decorative wallpaper in your own bath—as artist Jack Pierson did in his New York apartment, which is featured in the December issue of Architectural Digest—there are plenty of styles made just for damp environments that won’t peel or warp, so cleaning is a breeze. Source: ArchitecturalDigest

In the past few years, the introduction of digitally printed wallpapers has been a total game changer in interior design. You can now have any image you like adorning your walls. Many companies will allow you to upload a photograph, or if you’re a bit creative, your own art or illustration, to create a totally custom wallpaper design. Most digital papers can be easily applied and removed. When you’re ready for a change, depending on which printing method was used, you can either simply peel it from the wall or pre-soak with a damp sponge and remove it in sheets. It won’t damage your walls or leave any sticky residue, so you’re ready to start re-decorating straight away. Prefect for rental properties! Source: About.Homely

You can use it to brighten up even the smallest bathroom
No bathroom is too small for wallpaper. Even the tiniest powder room can be covered in a fun pattern! Dark wallpaper will definitely make the space feel larger but you can totally choose whatever pattern is your favorite. Source: Homedit

What good would the trendy wallpaper do if it’s the dated bathroom fixtures that always catch your attention? Replace your fixtures today with those that are only luxurious in looks, but not in price. Call us today!


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Creative Ideas on How to Improve Your Bathroom



Reviving your old bathroom does not mean you have to perform total overhaul. You can add style and character by simply changing a few things and refurbishing some areas. A little creativity and a twist will enhance the visual appeal of your bathroom and also add new features that will make it better. Here is a compilation of some ideas you can get inspiration from that will help you to improve your bathroom.

Coordinate organic accents

A bathroom contains a lot of porcelain and ceramic surfaces, so you can make it feel more personal by adding more coordinated organic accents. Organic colors will create a natural feel, and this can be done by replacing a few things like getting a wood stool, a woven basket, fringed towels or a kilim-style rug.


However, while installing wooden parts, check that they are not placed at points where water would splash on them all the time as this could reduce their lifetime. After all, you don’t want to keep refurbishing the bathroom every few months because the whole process costs money. For design tips and tools, you can borrow ideas from house tipster so as to match the design process with the right materials.

Install shapely tiles

Changing the look of your bathroom also takes a bit of experimentation. You can forego the typical tiny tiles for a design made with a little more heft. This can work perfectly with crisp white walls and beautiful cabinetry. The advantage of choosing curvy tiles is that they add a warm feel and they look rich.

Choose a harmonious color palette

One of the things you can easily play with to create a beautiful finish cheaply is color. The bathroom is sensitive when it comes to colors and you have to be creative in this case. Come up with a striking monochromatic effect by ensuring the walls are painted to match the texture and color of the floors. Many people prefer white, but you can also try out other colors with the exception of dark shades.

Elegant lighting


You could turn your ceiling to a focal point by installing elegant lighting. A medallion and a hanging fixture with crystal teardrops will add a dramatic twist to the ceiling and also impact the lighting across the entire space. However, while installing hanging lights, check that there is at least 8 feet left for clearance.

Wall-mount cabinet

It’s a good idea to also conceal toiletries in a creatively designed wall-mount cabinet. The benefit of such a fixture is that it will not eat up floor space. Just ensure to match the texture of the material to the theme of the bathroom or the floor in particular.


Refurbishing your bathroom does not have to always cost you much or take a lot of time. There are many creative ways through which you can improve the look of your bathroom. Even simple fixes like repainting surfaces with a matching color palette could do wonders. Do something about lighting and consider adding organic accents for the floor and other surfaces like walls and cabinets.


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How to Upgrade Your Shower Experience

da324F8 steam shower

Most of us shower at least once every day, so it’s important to make sure that shower time is both pleasant and comfortable. Even if you’re only taking a quick one, taking steps to make it the best experience will enable you to feel fully revitalized and refreshed once you’re done. Even though showering is an activity that most people would describe as being routine or mundane, there’s always some room for improvement. We’ve listed some of the best ways to improve your shower experience.

#1. Clean Your Shower Regularly:

Nobody likes cleaning their shower, but unfortunately, it’s an essential task that needs to be done. Not only does a clean, sparkling and fresh-smelling shower make the whole experience of getting washed up a much nicer one, it’s also essential for your health and for keeping unwanted pests out of your home. Cleaning your shower at least once per month also helps to prevent mold, which is vital for keeping allergies and illnesses at bay.

#2. Upgrade Your Shower Head:

Luxury Rain Shower Head

Something as basic as a weak or old shower head can become a bigger problem when you’re using the shower. If upgrading your whole bathroom isn’t in your budget, you might want to consider getting a new showerhead. A showerhead that provides a strong, steady stream of water, or includes functions such as a massage setting, can turn any regular shower into a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Rain shower heads are also becoming more popular – look into the different options at A filter showerhead is designed to eliminate the chlorine often found in tap water, making it easier on the health of your skin and hair.

#3. Change Your Loofah Regularly:

If like many people you use a loofah when you shower, don’t forget to replace it with a new one on a regular basis. A loofah that you’ve had in your bathroom for some time will quickly start to cultivate bacteria, spreading it all over your body when you wash. In some cases, this can lead to serious health problems and infections, so don’t let your loofahs stick around for too long. If it turns a different color or begins to give off a strange smell, replace it immediately.

#4. Upgrade Your Shower Routine:

Along with keeping the bathroom environment clean and clutter-free, making some simple changes to your shower routine each morning or evening can improve the experience for you. Applying a face mask before, rather than after you shower can help to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. Using a good moisturizing cream or serum immediately after showering and patting your skin dry will ‘lock-in’ the moisture from your shower. Exfoliate once a week to eliminate any dead skin cells and refresh your skin and keep your hair in good condition by shampooing it gently to avoid any tangles and breaks.

The shower is one of the most-used appliances in the home, so make sure that you’re having a good one every time.


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Tips for a Beach-Inspired Bathroom

There’s no need for a getaway when you can bring the beach vibes you’re longing for, right into your home. Experience relaxation every day by doing the following tips:

Photo by Ryan Waring on Unsplash

Choose the right lights
Soothing and subtle lighting is quite common in beach and nautical themed bathrooms. Ambient, task and accent lighting may be used to illuminate key areas like the sink, shower and storage areas. Track lighting is often used for ambient lighting, and accent lights can be placed above and below cabinets.

Accessorize using sea-inspired items
When it comes to decor in beach and nautical themed bathrooms, you’ll have a plethora of seaside, sailing and ocean-themed items to choose from. Seashell and sea life designs can be featured on linens, curtains, furniture cushions, bath mats and shower curtains. Real seashells, driftwood and even dried sea life specimens like seahorses and crabs can be displayed on windowsills or countertops. Artwork can pick up the maritime theme as well, featuring antique photography of sailors and ships, fishing scenes or oceanscapes. Source: HGTV

Include seaworthy accents
Relatively easy to install, beaded-board panels provide a fetching foundation for beach-style bathrooms. Cap the wainscoting with flat trim pieces that provide a Craftsman finish and allow room for nautical, anchor-like towel hooks. Source: BHG

Try a nautical theme
A nautical look using navy blue, white, and hints of red can also give a bathroom a beach theme design. For instance, try painting the walls navy blue and then complimenting that with white trim, white countertops, and white fixtures.

  • You could also achieve a nautical look with navy blue and white striped wallpaper.
  • Or, use shiplap on the walls for a beachy feel.
  • You could also whitewash your cabinets for a natural beach wood look. Source: WikiHow

Enhance your bathroom experience by getting a whirlpool tub and sauna. It will be like treating yourself to a spa without even stepping outside. Call us so we can assist you.


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Affordable Home Improvement Ideas



One of the most important roles for any homeowner is home improvement. You have to constantly make improvements to your home to keep it in tip-top shape and maintain its value in case you ever have to sell. There are plenty of home improvement options available to try that are cheap but yield great results. They upgrade kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, closets, driveway, backyard, and other areas of your home. Some of them are as follows:

1. Bathrooms Upgrades

da324F8 steam shower
DA324F8 Steam Shower

The bathroom is probably the most underrated space in any home. Most people do not put a lot of thought into how the bathroom should look after installation of the bathroom fixtures. However, there are plenty of pocket-friendly bathroom upgrades available that will transform a regular bathroom into an elegant safe haven where you can unwind after a long day, especially if you have a bathtub. You may need to tear out some of the fixtures and replace them with better looking, more durable fixtures. For instance, you can install a Granite vanity top, get new cabinets, install a new mirror, among other upgrades.

2. Living Room Upgrades

The living room is perhaps the room that should always look good. People spend most of their time in the living room and also welcome their guests in the living room. For one, the furniture should be elegant, comfortable, and well matched with the colors of the walls and the type of floor. If you have used furniture for many years, you may need to replace it with new furniture with modern designs. Make sure you buy from high-quality brands such as Wayfair so that you get the best deals and products.

3. Wallpapers

Wallpapers have regained popularity over the past few years due to their affordable prices and wide range of options available in terms of their size, color, and designs. If you don’t like the color of paint on a wall or a room in the house, wallpapers are a great option as opposed to repainting which can be messy or too permanent for a lot of people. With wallpapers, you get to choose how you want your wall to look like and the good thing is you can easily tear it down if you don’t like it or if you feel like replacing it. Installation is as easy as following a few steps which don’t require any special skills to master. Remember to fill any holes and smooth your wall prior to installing the wallpaper to avoid any rough spots showing on your paper.

4. Backyard

The backyard is a great place to hang out especially for people with family and/or pets. There are plenty of cheap upgrades to improve your backyard and transform it with a series of minor changes that are guaranteed to impress your guests and generally make your home a more pleasant place to visit. First, you should have a nice lawn to play on and relax on during the sunny days. You can also build a gazebo for shade during the summer days. Planting some trees or flowers can also add some charm and color to a bland backyard.



5. Kitchen Rollouts

Kitchen rollouts are a design masterpiece as they are easy to install, add more space to a kitchen, and bring everything that is hidden in the cabinets right to your fingertips. Kitchen rollouts make it easy to access stored items, streamline your cooking and simplify clean up chores.


There are plenty more cheap upgrades you can add to your home to boost its value or to make the quality of life in the house a lot better. The good thing is that most of these upgrades can be done alone without having to incur the extra cost of hiring professional help.


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Bathroom Vanity: How to Apply Baseboard and Trim



The baseboards cover the joint between the wall in the floor to add an aesthetic finishing to the room. If you are an enthusiastic homeowner, you can learn how to install a baseboard with ease. This will make a perfect do it yourself project to impress both your friends and family. Before installing a baseboard, make sure to search for good miter saw reviews online. You will need a miter saw to help you with this project, so it’s important to make sure that you got a good miter saw with you.


There is a step-by-step method that you can follow to install the baseboard and trim.

1) Remove all baseboard and trim

Use a sharp utility knife to cut through the paint along the edges of the trim. You want to make sure that you do that to prevent chipping around the paint or drywall.

2) Loosen up the trim from the wall

Use a pry bar to help you loosen up any trim from the walls. You want to do this gently to avoid any damages. If you need further assistance, try using a screwdriver to help you.

3) Pry the trim away

Most of these nails should automatically and smoothly come off with the trims. Make sure to meticulously scrape and smooth out any particles that can obstruct the new baseboard.

4) Measure the baseboard

Measure the dimensions of each wall. If you are a beginner, you will want to cut slightly more than it is necessary for a tight fit. Remember, it is always possible to cut more, not add more.

5) Establish the level on the floor

You want to make sure that your floors are properly leveled. If not, the floor and the baseboard could stick out, which can be pretty awkward. If the floor is not level, then try to find the lowest point in the room. Establish a horizontal mark and snap a chalk line on top of the mark. Then install the top of the baseboard at the marked location.

6) Scribe the baseboards

Place the baseboard and a couple of nails on the inside corner of the wall. Keep the bottom slightly above the floor. Then use a compass to measure the distance.

7) Measure and cut the outside corners

Use a Power miter saw to cut the corner. Afterward, you can sand and smooth out the baseboard.


8) Installing the baseboard

Use a stud finder to locate the nail, and hammer the baseboards in place with it. Then incorporate the shoe molding and the cap molding if you need to. Afterward, use the caulking to help create an organized section that will mold in the proper place. Then cover all the nail holes and touch upon the trimmings. Tape the wall and the floor above and below the trimmings, and apply the finishing coat.


Once you are finished, give yourself a good pat on the back. This is a major accomplishment for any homeowners out there. The repair process is very detailed and complex that the best tools are needed. If you were able to complete this task, you could now call yourself an official repair or carpenter expert.


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Pleasant Ideas on How to Restore Your Bathroom



Sometimes, when you go to a friends house, you become envious of their bathroom. You end up admiring their beautiful tiles, decorated towels, marble sink, and amazing bathtub. Then you think about your small bathroom and only noticed the toilet and the tub. It could be depressing, but there are ways to renovate or restore your bathroom without breaking the bank.


Before starting your renovation journey, it’s best to know what you want. First, explore pictures of different bathrooms and see what you want your bathroom to look like. Check out different color scheme and decoration to see what fits your taste. If you live in Melbourne, search on bathroom renovations melbourne and you might be surprised on the search engine and see what comes up. You might be surprised that you will end up finding a color scheme that matches your taste.



Here are some brilliant ideas to restore your bathroom

Use bold colors.

The major problems with bathrooms are that they are so white and plain. If you want to get creative, purchase items with bold colors. Powerful colors will make your bathroom exciting and intense. Utilize bathroom curtains, colorful artworks, or rugs to bring out dominant color scheme. This way, your bathroom will make a strong statement.

Work with what you have.

Instead of ignoring or disguising color backgrounds that you hate, choose accessories, tiles, or items that complement the background. Try to mix and match the different color scheme to see if they can complement each other. Oftentimes, color schemes that you hate might go well together and can present you with a work of art.


What if you can’t add windows.

The problem with windows is that there are peeping toms out there. That is why a lot of bathrooms don’t have a window. If you want some light in the room, it’s highly recommended to incorporate some bright design to make your room light up. Bright colors can bring passion and excitement to your bathroom.


Make your bathroom more pleasurable.

Imagine going to a spa, where you are relaxed and at peace. Usually, the spa will have items that represent a zenful theme. They will have candles, scented oils, and black rocks around the room. This creates a very peaceful atmosphere that will leave you hanging and relaxing for a long time. You can do the same with your bathroom by placing certain peaceful elements in there. For example, you can incorporate candles, plants, rocks, or zenful artwork in your bathroom. These little detail layouts will make your bathroom appear like a spa.


Before starting the whole restoring or renovation process, it’s best to clean the bathroom thoroughly. Take away things that you don’t want and get rid of dirt. You want to start your masterpiece with a blank canvas. This will allow your creativity and vision to come to life before your eyes. After you clean up the bathroom, you can start jotting down ideas, colors, and items that you want for your bathroom. Then take the list to Target or Walmart, and start purchasing all the items that will make your bathroom come to life. The key to a successful renovation is to have fun and let your creativity go wild.


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Amazing Health Benefits of Steam

Who knew that you can benefit so much from just sitting in your steam shower? If you don’t have one yet, then the following reasons will surely have you placing an order in no time:

Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash

Reduced blood pressure
Research shows that in a steam room, some people’s bodies release hormones that change their heart rate. One of these hormones, called aldosterone, regulates your blood pressure. When aldosterone is released from sitting in the steam room, it can help lower high blood pressure. This is part of the reason that the steam room makes you feel relaxed.

Stress relief
Being in the steam room can also decrease your body’s production of cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that regulates the level of stress that you feel. When your cortisol levels drop, you feel more in control and relaxed. Spending a few minutes in a relaxed state not only improves your health, but also helps heal your mind and improve your focus. Source: HealthLine

Solution for problem skin
If you suffer from dry skin or conditions that get easily irritated by extremely drying weather or sweating (hello eczema and dermatitis), then a steam room could be a far better friend to you than a sauna. Hart notes that the warm, damp air will work to drench the skin in moisture, hydrating rather than stripping it. Oily, acne-prone skin could benefit too, as the moisture can help to rebalance overactive sebum glands while the heat and humidity work to simultaneously unclog and cleanse. Source: Byrdie

Faster recovery from a workout
During exercise, metabolic waste is built up in muscles, which causes soreness and fatigue. Combining a steam shower with a cold bath or shower can help flush out this waste. Alternating between the heat of the steam and the cold bath causes a pumping action in the capillaries and rids muscles of the waste. Alternate between one minute of steam and one minute of cold water to initiate the pumping action. Source: LiveStrong

If you think the best thing you could ever fit in your bathroom is a steam shower, then wait till you see a steam shower combined with a whirlpool tub. Imagine all the health benefits you can get! It’s like having your own spa at home. Call us to find out more!


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Optimal Places to Place a Bathroom


The battle for the bathroom is a common occurrence across homes throughout the world. Even people primarily living alone may run into this issue when hosting guests. When the issue about adding another bathroom to the house comes up, space and cost are usually the biggest concerns; but to the surprise of many, space isn’t as big of an issue as originally perceived.


A 3 by 5-foot area is usually all that is required to fit a toilet and sink. If you have a couple more feet to spare, a 5 by 5 can accommodate a small walk-in shower as well. Some common advantages of an additional bathroom can be convenience, adding value to your home, and the additional privacy of not having guests in your private bath.

Let’s look at where you can add a bathroom in the home – and where they are needed most.

Close to Living and Recreational Spaces

In a lot of homes, the placement of the bathroom is usually located closer to the bedrooms or in a central location between both living and sleeping spaces. The idea of having a bathroom close to the den or living room can be very attractive. And for the ultimate man cave, a toilet close by is an absolute necessity. It’s not uncommon to find a coat closet, staircase or hallway in or adjacent to a living space, as they can be the perfect spaces to install a half bath.

When hosting guests, it can be cumbersome to explain directions to the bathroom multiple times, especially if your home is larger or of unique design. Wouldn’t it be easier to just leave the door to your new bathroom open when unoccupied, so everyone can plainly see and take note when the urge to go arises?

Between Two Bedrooms

A convenient and efficient additional bathroom can be used to link two bedrooms together. This arrangement is commonly called a Jack and Jill style bathroom. This can be great for homes with children. Some well-designed Jack and Jill setups allow the use of private areas like the shower and toilet separate from the sink, counter and vanity area.

This style can be an efficient use of your space. Some standard bathrooms can even be converted in some home layouts. You can also save cash by incorporating this design compared to two separate bathrooms: why build and plumb another bathroom when you can frame in a door for less?

Split Your Pre-Existing Bathroom

This may seem like strange advice, but spend some time thinking about the size of your bathroom. Many homeowners possess bathrooms that can be much larger than necessary. Most of the plumbing has already been ran, allowing you to tap into water and drain pipes without making long and costly runs of pipe; this can be one of the major advantages of splitting your already existing bathroom. Though it sounds silly at first, making use of an over-sized bathroom by splitting it can give you the extra bathroom you need at a lower cost.

An additional bathroom is probably one of the most wished-for additions in smaller and older homes. Even in small homes, where it may seem unlikely to have the space, room can be found to make this addition. These optimal places for a new bathroom can potentially save time, frustration and money, depending on your exact configuration.


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3 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation can cause a number of other problems that you’ll surely hate dealing with. Varicose veins, numbness, exhaustion, and dizziness are only some of the common symptoms you’ll experience, unless you do something to improve your blood circulation. Try any of the following:

Photo by on Unsplash

Soak in a whirlpool bathtub
The combination of warm water and massage jets in a whirlpool promote better blood circulation. They help your blood vessels dilate, or open up, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow to major organs. This is particularly beneficial to those who have arthritis. Improved circulation can encourage better movement and less pain and stiffness in your joints. Source: LiveStrong

Don’t forget your roots
Ginger, onions, and garlic are three items that you’ll definitely want to add to your grocery list – not only they stimulate and improve the health of the circulatory system – but also because they’re just good for you.  Fresh ginger root is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, improves digestion, and can soothe all forms of nausea.  Garlic and onions contain organosulfur compounds which help the body to fight off infection, eliminate toxins from the liver and blood, and can even keep biting insects away. Source: NaturalLivingIdeas

Stay active
Anything that aids in general fitness should boost your circulation. When you work out, try both:

  • Cardiovascular training. Swimming, biking, running, playing sports, etc. Aerobic activity will improve heart and blood vessel function.
  • Strength training. Strength training (lifting weights) will help you build muscle, which in turn increases the effectiveness of cardiovascular and lymph circulation.
  • Every hour, get up and try 3 to 5 minutes’ worth of stretching or small exercise. This is especially handy if you’re at a desk all day and barely get a chance to walk around. Try doing little arm circles, touching your hands to your toes, kicking out your feet, or performing small, slowjumping jacks (enough to get your heart rate up). Source: WikiHow

Get yourself a whirlpool bath tub that isn’t only relaxing, but also very good for your health! Find out more about the best options in the market when you call us today.


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