4 Tips to Spruce Up a Boring Bathroom

Do you find your bathroom a bit lackluster, and in need of a good update? Here are easy styling tips you can use to create a space that will let you relax before or after a day of hard work:

Small changes can go a long way
Go for small but obvious touches of luxurious that won’t cost a ton. If you love a particularly type of rug that’s too expensive for your budget, buy it in a smaller size instead. Hang up your favorite robes or splurge on one fancy towel you love. Add in fresh flowers. Arrange your toiletries in new bottles on a DIY tray. Pay attention to small details (that often cost less than big ones!). Source: ApartmentTherapy

Choose glass over tiles
Rather than tiling, many bathroom connoisseurs are opting for a glass splash back. Why? Because it’s available in a wide range of colours and can be wiped clean easily. Best of all, it won’t become grimy over the years (like tiles), which means you’ll enjoy a fancy looking bathroom for years to come. Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns

Add a pop of color
We’ve all done it, or at least thought about a DIY painting project. There are many trendy options when it comes to painting your bathroom. You can add texture, paint one wall or paint all of the walls, but the idea is to use the paint to make a bold statement. Make sure your décor flows nicely with the chosen paint color. Use paint to transform your bathroom from boring, to bold, bright and beautiful. Don’t be afraid to work with textures and patterns. Source: Improvenet

Relax in a whirlpool tub
Nowadays, many have ditched their bathtubs in favor of a walk-in shower. However, large soaking tubs will never go out of style.

Nothing says luxury like relaxing in a hot bubble bath at the end of a hard day. To make your tub truly luxurious, choose a beautiful stone composite tub with a bronze finish to create a sleek, modern appeal. Complement this look with a romantic stone water cascade for a relaxing feel that’s reminiscent of a pampering spa day. Source: AngiesList

A bathroom is a safe haven that gives you some time alone to think about all your worries and wash them away. It shouldn’t cause you any stress. If you have outdated fixtures that irk you every time you look at them, then maybe it’s best you replace them. We can help you on that matter. Give us a call, today!


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