Bathroom Styling Tips From the Experts

Create a bathroom that will inspire you to be happy even on a Monday morning as you prepare for work. Simply do the following:

Have a lot of storage space
Storage is a concern in many bathrooms, but shrewd choices can make it a complementary part of interior design for bathrooms. If towels are colorful and plush, it may be suitable to have them visible on decorative racks or open niches, whereas more prosaic linens and other items (bubble bath, body products, etc.) may be in a small closets inset into the walls. Medicine cabinets are a necessity, and may be inset into the wall (behind a mirror is a popular choice) or freestanding to provide a small shelf above and hooks below. Some products may actually be stored in the bathtub or shower on corner racks, while over-the-door hooks provide additional storage options for pajamas or robes. Source: InteriorDesign.LoveToKnow

Think about future upgrades
Planning for universal design features, such as wider door openings, grab bars, and other accessible features are smart to design into the job, no matter what age you are. Source: CarlaAston

Style with purpose
Opt for functional accessories like trays, candles and canisters. Trays help to keep things visually tidy. Display one on a vanity with ample counter space, or on the back of the toilet for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. Candles are pretty and, well…always appreciated in a bathroom! Canisters a great way to add style and personality while making bath necessities, such as cotton balls and Q-tips, easy to get to on a daily basis. Source: StyleMePretty

Start with a neutral design
You have to design the room the same way you’d plan on wearing your little black dress – dress it up or down, just keep it neutral because it’s really about how you put the jewellery on – in this case, the fittings and hardware. If you’re trying to do something on a budget, you’ll have the best outcome if you keep it simple. Source: StyleAtHome

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