4 Ways to Save Water in the Bathroom

With news of global warming, melting ice caps, and burning rainforest making headlines more frequently, we need to join forces in making an effort to avoid irreversible damage to our planet. Help by avoiding water wastage using these tips:

Conserve bath water
Check the water temperature as the bath fills, to avoid running it too hot and then having to add lots of cold water to cool it down.

Check the plug in the bath to make sure it isn’t letting out any water. Add a metal strainer to the plug hole to prevent hair and other solids clogging outlet pipes.

Consider installing a grey water system to recycle water from the bath, shower and basin. The water can be used on the garden, for flushing the toilet, even for washing clothes. Source: ReadersDigest

Install a faucet aerator
Adding an aerator to your faucet will add air to the flow of water, giving you a more stable stream while also using less water overall. These can be very easily installed – most simply screw into place – and cost an average of $5. Source: WikiHow

Turn off water when not in use
You can use even less water in the shower by switching off the water when you don’t need it. One you’ve wet yourself down, you can switch off the water while you soap up, shave, or wash your hair, and then switch it back on to rinse off. If you can switch off the shower water for just two minutes a day, you can save another 150 gallons a month. Source: MoneyCrashers

Watch out for leaks
Check for toilet leaks regularly by putting dye in the tank. If there is a leak, the dye will appear in the bowl without flushing. Toilet leaks are also very wasteful; make sure to get it repaired right away (or do it yourself). Keeping your toilet in good condition will save water in the long run. Source: TheSpruce

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