Which is Better Between a 1-Piece and 2-Piece Toilet?

One piece toilets are getting more famous by the day, and there are plenty of reasons why. Let’s see how different it is from the traditional two-piece toilet.

Many homeowners prefer the sleek, low-profile of one-piece toilets as a contrast to the more traditional and taller two-piece toilet. However, two-piece toilets are still more prevalent and offer a larger variety of styles and colors to the buyer. Source: Hunker

With one piece toilets, the lack of joints or gaps between the toilet tank and bowl makes cleaning easier because dirt has fewer places to hide. The tank attaches to a two-piece toilet at the bowl, and dirt and bacteria can build up in this area, making it hard to clean without disassembling the toilet.

In terms of internal parts, such as flushing systems, both one-piece and two-piece toilets may be equally durable, depending on the manufacturer and quality. Because they’re a single unit, however, one-piece toilets don’t experience leaks between the tank and bowl, as two-piece toilets can. This also makes them less likely to crack, which may prolong the life of the one-piece toilet. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Since you are only dealing with a single piece, installing a 1-piece toilet is generally easier than its 2-piece counterpart. They are also more bulky and unwieldy than a 2-piece, so you may want to consider the amount of space you are working with, as well as how many hands you will have helping with the installation. Carefully follow the installation instructions regardless of which toilet you choose. Source: DoItYourself

Now that you know the facts, it’ll be much easier for you to decide which between the two you like better. However, if your mind still isn’t made up, then we can help you pick one. We also have toilets in store for you to choose from. Call us!


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