3 Tips for Designing a Zen Bathroom

Based on Cambridge dictionary’s definition of Zen, it is a form of Buddhism focused on emptying the mind of thoughts. To recreate a bathroom that will help you rid of your stress, here are some ways to achieve that:

Create Space
Clutter in your bathroom, even the clutter of Japanese artifacts, defeats the spirit of Zen, which is, after all, a school of Buddhism that emphasizes self-examination and nonattachment. Use few fixtures and either position them as far apart as possible or group them together and leave the rest of the bathroom empty. Mirrors and windows help increase the feeling of space, and in-wall storage cabinets keep towels and accessories out of view. Indirect ceiling lighting shining onto the walls makes the ceiling seem higher. Let one of the lights shine on a single calligraphy painting or scroll on the wall to create a meditative focus. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Good view
You should place the bathtub by a window so that you can experience nature while soaking. The bathroom should interact with adjacent rooms so that the view looking in and out of the bathroom is appealing and serene. The toilet area should not be seen from the doorway. Consider placing a beautiful piece of artwork within viewing distance of the toilet; let that art be the focal point from the doorway. “You want to feel the adjacent space even though you may not always see it,” says architect Michael Morris of Morris Sato Studio in New York City. “There should be something present beyond the wall or screen, a borrowed landscape from another room that suggests a deeper space or surface.” Source: HGTV

While sections may be distinct, the bathroom should not feel divided. You want to be able to easily transition from one space to another, says Dallas-based designer Alan Hilsabeck Jr. of Alan Hilsabeck Jr. Interior Design. “Think of how nature interacts,” he says. “Simplicity, clean lines, fluidity and functionality.” Partitions, such as shoji screens, allow you to divide the room or leave it open as you choose. Source: DIYNetwork

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