Pros and Cons of Using Dual Flush Toilets

If you’re replacing an old toilet or buying one for your new home, then consider an eco-friendly option. Find out why you should invest in a dual flush toilet below:


Better for the environment
Dual flush toilets consume much less water per flush than ordinary toilets do. Standard toilets flush by using water to siphon waste out of the toilet bowl. Naturally, using water to push water involves a great deal of waste. In addition to the waste of using water as a power source, ordinary toilets always use the absolute maximum amount of water they have available. The siphoning system used in standard flush toilets determines that the toilet is done flushing when air enters the siphon, meaning that it always empties the cistern completely, even when a small amount of water is actually needed for the job at hand. Source: DoItYourself

Save on water bill
In addition to the environmental upside to saving water, this also reduces your water bill over time. Dual-flush toilets are also considered high-efficiency. This means that some states have rebate programs in place that help people to subsidize the cost of upgrading the toilet in their home to a model that uses less water. Certainly, if you have this type of rebate in your state, installing a dual-flush toilet in the home will be more affordable than buying an old, non-efficient model. Source: eHow


According to Lowes, dual flush toilet models often require more cleaning and are more difficult to clean than standard single flush models. These toilets retain less water in the bowl, which may result in an increase in dirtiness. It’s also necessary to ensure that the water holes along the rims don’t clog as this can decrease the toilet’s ability to function. Source: Hunker

Incompatible plumbing
Newer residential construction takes the needs of low-flush toilets into account, but dual flush models are not always compatible with older homes built when high-flush toilets were the norm. In addition, older plumbing may have developed sags, dips and other problems that prevent a dual flush toilet from working. Source: Hunker

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