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How Do Waterless Toilets Work?

  The concept of waterless toilets might sound outdated, right? Well, if you picture that traditional outdoor structure, then it might. But in reality, a waterless toilet is actually a modern household appliance that greatly helps save on water. In some parts of the globe, developing countries, for instance, water comes off as a luxury […]

4 Types of Toilet Seats

There are so many options when it comes to choosing toilet seats.  Whichever one you choose is a matter of personal preference.  Continue reading to find out more about 4 types of toilet seats: Soft Close Seats A soft close toilet seat is a very quiet, easy-to-install alternative to traditional toilet seats. As the name […]

dual flush toilet

What is an Eco Friendly Toilet

Many people have questions about Eco Friendly Toilets or low flow toilets and how they work and if they are any good. In our youtube interview with Aaron Gruenke from we debuff the misconseptions surrounding dual flush toilets and how they work and what features to look for in a quality Eco Friendly dual […]

How to Choose a Good Toilet

How To Choose a Good Toilet

  Choose a Good Toilet Many people don’t realize it, but toilets have changed and evolved greatly over the last 20 years. Heightened awareness of the environment and an increased emphasis on style and cleanliness has led to a much wider selection of toilets than ever before. Faced with such variety, what factors should you […]