fall Toilet Sale

Sale Ends Sept 30th


Contemporary, streamlined designs in one piece toilets with eco friendly Water efficient technology for long-term money savings and overall durability.




 ECO Friendly Bidets and Washlet

Since the invention of the siphon flush toilet, the system flushed in one way­–a large rush, wasting gallons of water. But great European design brings amazing advancements in technology and function. When conservation laws came into effect, the low-flow toilet came into our world. Today’s dual flush eco-friendly toilet means less water needed to get the job done!

As we become more aware of the environment and sustainable solutions, the demand brings new technology to the buyer with affordable options, stylish designs and better performance. With so many choices of energy efficient toilets, the most difficult decision is narrowing it down to just one.

What was once a utilitarian fixture is now something to consider. When choosing a water-saving bathroom fixture, we also can find a comfy toilet appealing to the eye with clean lines and sleek one-piece designs for easy maintenance and cleaning. Gone are the days of grime and bacteria build-up. Quiet fill and flush, along with slow-closing lids are an added benefit for silent nocturnal visits or bathrooms close to entertainment rooms.

Let us help you find the perfect toilet that meets your design and functional needs.

Our Eco Friendly Toilets Feature:

Bidet seat washlet mounted on toilet
  • One piece skirted design and hidden mounting bolts for aesthetic appeal and easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Quiet, slow-closing lids.
  • Larger 3” flushing valve for when the water leaves the tank.
  • Money saving, low water consumption eco-friendly dual flush models that give you a choice; one button for liquid waste and one button for solid waste.
  • Comfort height seats.
  • Fully glazed trap ways to ensure your toilet functions at top performance for years to come.
  • Quiet fill and flush system.
  • Wash down system in which water cascades from tank to the rim of the bowl.
  • Pop-off seat and lid design for slick and easy cleaning.
  • Spray coating electro-charged with negative ions for an antibacterial effect on the porcelain.