4 Bathroom Renovation Tips to Make Selling Your Home Easier

Are you planning on selling your home anytime soon? A buyer might find your house more attractive if you make some changes. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Ask advice from real estate experts
Check out comparable homes in your area. How many bathrooms do they have? Do you need to add a half or full bath to be competitive? Talk to realtors and find out what bathroom features turn on buyers. Source: HGTV

Make smarter choices on renovations
Rather than spending many thousands completely renovating your bathroom, it’s much smarter to spend your money only where it will show and to make small, inexpensive upgrades that will create a large impact. As a general rule, improvements that can’t easily be seen don’t translate into a higher sale price.

The best bang-for-your-buck bathroom upgrades are: repainting the walls, replacing leaking and worn taps, updating the cabinet hardware, installing new light fittings and updating towel bars. Source: Houzz

Keep the colors neutral
Although greens, blues, and even brown bathrooms were once all the rage, today most people prefer standard white suites and fixtures.

If you’re adding a new bathroom into your home with the view to adding value to your property, it’s worthwhile keeping things relatively neutral. Of course, you can still stamp your own identity on your new bathroom, but try to keep the suite itself as inoffensive as possible. You can inject colour and character through the walls, lighting, and accessories.

This will ensure that potential buyers can visualise themselves putting their own mark on your existing bathroom, rather than calculating how much it will cost them to rip it out and replace it. Source: DailyMail

Bigger is better
When it comes to bathing, bigger is better. Katharine says that “walk-in showers are widely popular, while oversize bathtubs are also frequently sought after.” Her clients gravitate toward large showerheads, like a rainshower, but notes that they “must be in proportion to the shower itself.” For the bathtub, a simple white model with clean lines is the way to go for an updated look.  Source: PopSugar

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