3 Types of Bathtub Materials

Are you looking to replace your old bathtub? It’s important to make sure that you get a good quality replacement.  Try looking for the following materials:

Bathroom interior

Made of either fiberglass or acrylic, plastic bathtubs offer the greatest design flexibility because they can be molded into many shapes. It’s warm to the touch and insulates well, so water doesn’t cool as fast as in enameled-steel bathtubs or cast-iron tubs. Plastic is also the lightest tub, weighing in at 60-70 pounds. Although it doesn’t chip easily, abrasive cleaners will damage the surface. Source: BHG

In western countries, wood bathtub materials are in huge demand because they can keep the heat longer. The best thing is, you can customize the tub a great deal, from essence to size. To make it look richer and get ultimate bathing experience, consider for a handmade Japanese soaking tub. However, it does come with a drawback that wooden cover may get damaged due to excess water connection leading to moisture. The best way to seal it is by coating or by using clear fiberglass. Source: ArchitectureLab

Cast iron
If you’re looking for a material that will last, this would be it. Cast iron tubs are made by pouring molten iron into a mold of the desired shape, then smoothing it and coating it with a thick layer of enamel.

It’s probably the most durable tub available, and the finish is resistant to chipping, scratching and denting, as well as most types of chemicals. There are a number of different colors available, and there’s a richness to cast iron that’s hard to match. The heavy material also tends to retain the water’s heat.

On the downside, these tubs are extremely heavy and require extra labor — and often extra floor reinforcement — to install. They’re also typically going to be among the most expensive tubs on the market. Source: InMan

If you need help picking which type of bathtub will be best for both your budget and needs, don’t hesitate to call us for free advice.


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