Shower Tips for People with Sensitive Skin

When you have dry, sensitive skin, you have to be careful whenever you’re taking a shower or else you might make your condition worse. Remember the following tips before you have your next shower:

Avoid hot showers, especially when it’s too long
A lot of people, particularly women, like to take their time in the shower, and this is understandable. We all want to stretch out those few moments where we are able to relax on our own in peace and quiet. However, the problem with long showers or baths is that they will strip your skin of its natural oils, making it very dry.

To avoid this you should try to keep your showers to about 10 minutes and avoid using water that is very hot or cold – think like Goldilocks and you’ll be fine. After you are done, dry yourself off by lightly patting your skin down with a soft towel. Source: LifeHack

Choose the right products
Watch out for harsh soaps or body washes that have fragrance, dyes, or are deodorizing. Avoid alcohol-based and antibacterial options. All these are more likely to irritate your skin and leave it itchy, tight, and dry. Instead, go for gentle cleansers or shower gels with added oils or fats. “Look for soaps and cleansers that say ‘moisturizing,’ ‘hypoallergenic,’ or ‘made for sensitive skin,’ ” Obagi says. Source: WebMD

Don’t rub water off too harshly
When it comes to toweling off sensitive skin, gentle motions are key. “Patting dry is recommended over air drying or rubbing,” Goh says. Too rough, and you’re at risk of irritating skin. But don’t ditch the towel altogether or water will leave your skin too quickly. “Air-drying skin allows the body to lose the water moisture to the environment,” Obagi says. Blot your skin carefully, and keep ointment or cream on hand to seal in moisture. Source: WebMD

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