DZ972F8 Steam Shower 59.1″x32.5″x87″

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Earn up to 124 Dollars.

Experience the elegance and tranquillity of spa living with this luxurious, space age steam shower built for two. Bringing  you a true home spa experience.


Additional Information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 59.1 x 32.5 x 87 in
Actual Weight



Touch Screen Computer control

BlueTooth Capable


Ventilator Fan

FM radio

Steam generator

Aroma therapy Dispenser

CSA and UL Certified for Canada and USA



Color Chroma-Therapy Lights

Body Spray Shower Jets

Hand Shower wand


Control System

Drain with trap

Overhead Rain shower head

Thermostatic faucet to prevent scalding

Product Description

Experience the elegance and tranquillity of spa living with this luxurious, space age steam shower built for two.

Regeneration, relaxation and unwinding are all part of the unique bathing experience of a luxury steam shower. Transform your bathroom into the pinnacle of spa living with this luxurious two-person model. With tempered glass and brushed metal frame this grande dame of steam showers is spacious and built to last.

The elegant design combines the functionality of a steam room with a humidifying steam generator and additional spa features including 20 directional body massage jets, two overhead rain showers, aroma-therapy, chroma-therapy and two wooden seats for the ultimate in relaxation.

Steam therapy contributes to improved blood circulation and flexibility of joints and muscles while also enhancing your skin due to the steam’s moisturizing properties. You will also experience some added bonuses: colour therapy, music therapy and aroma-therapy cannot fail to enhance your overall sense of well-being.

This computerized steam shower room (59″ X 32″ X 88″) is designed specifically to replace a five-foot bath tub, which minimizes the room modifications. Designed with the highest quality in craftsmanship and unparalleled technological innovation you won’t find a more stunning or luxurious experience in spa living.

Shower Features:

  • Steam cabin with elegant high-tech touch screen control and FM radio
  • Bathing and cleaning are a breeze with internal temperature regulation, ventilation, steam generation and cleaning function.
  • Soothing spa treatments of aroma-therapy and chroma-therapy.
    A luxurious bathing space surrounded in elegantly crafted, tempered glass panels and brushed metal frame.
  • European style steam shower with multiple bathing options including directional body spray, hand held shower head, rain shower head and solid wood framed seats for bathing.

Designed to replace a standard 60″ bathtub

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6 reviews for DZ972F8 Steam Shower 59.1″x32.5″x87″

  1. david johnson

    Does this support Blue tooth?

    • Perfect Bath

      Yes it does support Bluetooth, you can use the bluetooth feature to listen to music and receive phone calls from your mobile device.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jennifer Melo (verified owner)

    Perfect Bath provided superb support for this purchase. One piece was damaged during shipment and they rushed a replacement. They were helpful during all our calls. The unit isn’t as high as I was expecting so if you are very tall you should understand the useable height inside the unit- 6’3′ is tight. We had some issuing with the drain and will be replacing this with something to allow more water flow due to the double faucets.

  3. david Johnson

    I read somewhere that the inside hight is only 6’3” is that correct?

  4. Rated 4 out of 5

    K. Dieleman

    Very helpful service. Instructions a bit off on the caulking so my contractor and a leak. My contractor had to pull out the shower, fix the bit of drywall placed beside the shower to caulk properly. I would not have spent the extra money on the additional jets, they don’t really do anything, not much force. Beautiful shower, use it at least 3/week to take off the Manitoba chill. Contractor was impressed with the quality of the product, I went to a bath store to “build” the shower and they said they could not come close to the price.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Greg Watt

    We had researched steam showers on line and at our local bath and shower stores. I contacted Aaron and after some more research decided to purchase the two person steam shower. What we liked about this shower initially was that it would all fit into where our old shower pocket was, our shower was delivered within 5 days ( we live 2500kms away. As others have said it was packaged very well. We had our shower installed by contractors and they were very impressed with the quality of the product and how it went together. They said if I had tried to build the same shower it would have cost a lot more. I would agree with other comments that the instructions are a little vague but Aaron was very good at explaining anything we needed help with. I would recommend this product and company to anyone considering purchasing a steam shower. Our boys say it’s the best thing we have ever bought!!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dawn Newman

    Ok let me start out by giving a little background. My wife and I have ZERO experience with construction. We have over the past 20 years begun DIYing our home. We did a complete makeover of out 1978 yellow steel tub and yellow toilet with vinyl floor.

    It was hideous.. We spent a year researching fixtures and construction methods for making our own walk in shower. After looking at the costs we found the ariel to be cost contender with the amount of renovation we would have to do and to get the wow factor we were looking for…Don’t get me wrong it was not the cheapest but it was surprisingly cost competitive and seemed fairly simple assemble.

    We did just that – the bathroom took 1 week to complete and the shower was 2 days for the 1 week. I found the instructions fine with a few issues with the electric EFI circuit I was lost on but the folk where we purchased it from were awesome with the tech support. The only issue we had which is well documented is the drain. I underestimated the importance of installing a dedicated drain and simply used the supplied flexible drain provided. After a couple days of very slow drainage, I was able to fix the issue quickly and it has worked flawlessly every day since July 2013 (over 6 months). I use the steam function nearly every day and the shower uses very high quality hardware. I did remove the hair catcher and the other junk they had in the original drain and if I were to do it again I would have put in a permanent drain and scrapped the provided drain from the beginning.

    We smile every time we use the shower and everyone who walks into the bathroom, still 6 months later, comments on the shower. I could not be happier. With the new drain we do lift the floor up once a month, just to make sure its clean and working well down there. The wood is holding up great so far even with daily use and I would recommend this project to anyone. By the way it was a perfect fit as a replacement for our existing bathtub. Fits snug wall to wall…If I could attach a picture I would, but it looks and works great! This was 100% installed by 2 middle aged people in 2 days with 1 phone tech support call….

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tom Bell, Morinville Alberta (verified owner)

    The shower was delivered on time and packaged incredibly well. I had no issues installing it in one day by myself with one phone call to get me started. The instructions are a little vague. I’ve had it a couple of weeks now and use it often. No regrets.

    • Sandra

      I have the exact bathroom as you have in your picture, as in how the door opens and the toilet so close, the picture shows the door opening in the opposite direction, is it something you need to specify at purchase? and do you have issues with the toilet so close and the door opening?

      • Perfect Bath

        Hi Sandra, the door swing is adjustable LH or RH opening, the door size is 21″ and usually clears most vanities and toilets in a tight bathroom. If you are in a real pinch and cant swing the door out then you can reverse the door hinges and have the door swing to inside the shower.

  8. Rated 4 out of 5

    Marty from Edmonton

    I have had my unit for about 2 years. It functions well. It is attractive. The installation manual was inadequate but the person who installed it for me called the salesman and worked out the issues. It steams up in about three minutes. I would have preferred the shower to be in the center instead of at each end. I find it big enough and I am 5’10″/180. I take a steam shower every morning in the winter. It would have cost about double to recreate the unit with a General Contractor. In short, I am more than satisfied and have no issues.

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