Hardwood Versus Wood-Like Ceramic Tiles


If you took a look at ceramic tiles that are designed to look like wood, it could be quite disorienting. On top, they are designed with a realistic wood grain on the surface in order to make them look like real wood. However, it is only when you turn them upside down that you actually realize they’re just slabs of glazed ceramic tiles. Why would a person prefer wood look tiles that mimic the look of wood instead of installing real wood?


The benefits of ceramic tiles over real hardwood

Ceramic tiles are waterproof

One of the major benefits of ceramic tiles is the fact that they are waterproof and they can be used in direct contact with water. This makes them an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms or as cladding for shower areas in swimming pools and wellness centers. When ceramic tiles get wet, even by accident, there are no damages and they remain intact.

They have a strong resistance to scratches

Unlike real wood that’s quite delicate and very easy to damage from traffic and shifting, ceramic tiles are some of the most wear and scratch resistant flooring in the industry. This aspect alone is a major benefit because it makes them durable and effective in public or commercial places that experience high traffic. Natural wood on the other hand would not be suitable for such places because it’s very easy to damage.

Ceramic tiles don’t stain

Ceramic tiles have low porosity and are resistant to attacks from any kind of chemicals. Regardless of the wood affect you choose for your ceramic tiles; they do not stain. Regardless of what kind of chemical falls on the floor, it’s easy to wipe them up and leave your wood-looking tiles in an impeccable condition. This is not the case in real wood as it stains very easily, especially if not wiped immediately.

They are heat resistant

Unlike real wood, ceramic tiles are incredibly resistant to flips and they are also non-combustible. There is actually no risk of your tiles darkening if they come in contact with hot objects like burning embers or cigarette butts. They also don’t release toxic substances or any kind of gas from heat exposure.

Ceramic tiles are weather, frost, and UV resistant

Ceramic wood tiles are completely frost-resistant and even weatherproof. This means that you can simply use them outdoors. Even better than that, they are resistance to UV rays, which means that even if you install them outdoors, they will not fade from exposure to sunlight.

They don’t need any kind of treatment

With time, real wood requires varnishing or waxing and it must be polished in order to stay in good shape. This is something that ceramic wood tiles don’t need. The aesthetic looks of ceramic tiles are also guaranteed unlike wood. With wood, trees are naturally different and planks come different as well. This means that you may not get the exact look you choose from the showroom. The color may be darker or brighter, you may get more or less knots, or a darker shade than you ordered.

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