3 Organizing Tips for Your Kids’ Bathroom

Leaving your children to do their morning tasks as they prepare for school is necessary. You have to teach them how to be independent, right? The thing is, it can be really frustrating to see how messy they can get when they’re on their own. Take note of the following tips to ensure the cleanliness of their bathroom:

Put bathroom essentials in a basket
Install a tiered, hanging basket for an easy way to store extra necessities in the bathroom. This works especially well inside smaller rooms or when multiple children need to share and you need the extra organizational room for everyone’s personal items. Source: Homedit

Color code toiletries
According to Becky Mansfield of Your Modern Family, one of the most effective things you can do to help the kids keep their own bathroom organized is to set up daily use bags or totes for each child. Fill the bags with each child’s toiletries—deodorant, makeup, hair supplies or whatever else they might need. This is particularly helpful as the kids get older.

Store the totes out of site in a linen closet or drawer. If you don’t have the space to hide them, a shelf works just as well. And when it comes time for a move or remodel, you children’s belonging are already ready to go! Just throw the daily use bag or tote into an overnight bag, or take your neatly organized bins to storage until you are ready for them.

For an added degree of organization, you can color code everything. Each child gets a color. His or her bin, toothbrush, hairbrush—even towels—can be the same color, making it easy to find the owner of any item in the bathroom. Color coding also makes packing a snap, whether you are packing for one night or for a move. Source: LifeStorage

Keep toys out of sight when not in use
You need a storage plan to corral kids’ bath toys and personal items. Beverley incorporates storage baskets and drawers accessible at a child’s level. For families with more than one child, she suggests giving each child his or her own storage spot. “If each of them has a drawer or a medicine cabinet, it gives them somewhere they can keep their things and take pride in ownership of that,” Beverley says. Source: HGTV

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