Elements of an Easy to Clean Bathroom

Do you know anyone who loves to clean the bathroom? No one likes it. We all just do it out of necessity. If you are looking for a way to lighten the burden of this chore, then switch to the following:

One piece toilet
If you’ve ever transformed into a contortionist while reaching to clean every last yucky crevice in your toilet, the one-piece model was made for you. Because traditional two-piece toilets have a separate bowl and tank, they have lots of tiny crevices that are hard to really get clean.

You may spend a bit more for a one-piece model, which is molded from a single piece of porcelain, but the amount of scrubbing time you save may make it worthwhile. Plus, you don’t have to get up close and personal with the nasty parts.

Today’s pressure-assisted toilets not only reduce cleaning time, but virtually eliminate backups, thanks to a forceful jet of water that scrubs the entire bowl and removes everything in its path. On this one, you’ll actually save water. Because of their eco-smart designs, these high-efficiency toilets can save a family of four up to 16,500 gallons of water annually. Source: HouseLogic

Wall-mounted faucets
Gravity is working for you, carrying water and soap residue away from the faucet instead of having it all collect at the base. Wall-mounted faucets also keep the counter clear, making it easier to wipe it down. Source: Houzz

Proper ventilation
A quiet fan or open windows will reduce the moisture in a bathroom, therefore decreasing the likelihood of mold. Preventive measures such as proper ventilation can reduce time spent cleaning in the long run. Source: DailyHerald

Less grout
Tile grout attracts dirt and grime, which has to be meticulously cleaned out by hand. Instead of small porcelain or stone pieces, choose large-format tiles or solid slabs for countertops, wet rooms, and wall coverings. If you hate cleaning seams, paint any walls that don’t need tile, or consider using an attractive vinyl or laminate covering. Source: NearSay

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