Pleasant Ideas on How to Restore Your Bathroom



Sometimes, when you go to a friends house, you become envious of their bathroom. You end up admiring their beautiful tiles, decorated towels, marble sink, and amazing bathtub. Then you think about your small bathroom and only noticed the toilet and the tub. It could be depressing, but there are ways to renovate or restore your bathroom without breaking the bank.


Before starting your renovation journey, it’s best to know what you want. First, explore pictures of different bathrooms and see what you want your bathroom to look like. Check out different color scheme and decoration to see what fits your taste. If you live in Melbourne, search on bathroom renovations melbourne and you might be surprised on the search engine and see what comes up. You might be surprised that you will end up finding a color scheme that matches your taste.



Here are some brilliant ideas to restore your bathroom

Use bold colors.

The major problems with bathrooms are that they are so white and plain. If you want to get creative, purchase items with bold colors. Powerful colors will make your bathroom exciting and intense. Utilize bathroom curtains, colorful artworks, or rugs to bring out dominant color scheme. This way, your bathroom will make a strong statement.

Work with what you have.

Instead of ignoring or disguising color backgrounds that you hate, choose accessories, tiles, or items that complement the background. Try to mix and match the different color scheme to see if they can complement each other. Oftentimes, color schemes that you hate might go well together and can present you with a work of art.


What if you can’t add windows.

The problem with windows is that there are peeping toms out there. That is why a lot of bathrooms don’t have a window. If you want some light in the room, it’s highly recommended to incorporate some bright design to make your room light up. Bright colors can bring passion and excitement to your bathroom.


Make your bathroom more pleasurable.

Imagine going to a spa, where you are relaxed and at peace. Usually, the spa will have items that represent a zenful theme. They will have candles, scented oils, and black rocks around the room. This creates a very peaceful atmosphere that will leave you hanging and relaxing for a long time. You can do the same with your bathroom by placing certain peaceful elements in there. For example, you can incorporate candles, plants, rocks, or zenful artwork in your bathroom. These little detail layouts will make your bathroom appear like a spa.


Before starting the whole restoring or renovation process, it’s best to clean the bathroom thoroughly. Take away things that you don’t want and get rid of dirt. You want to start your masterpiece with a blank canvas. This will allow your creativity and vision to come to life before your eyes. After you clean up the bathroom, you can start jotting down ideas, colors, and items that you want for your bathroom. Then take the list to Target or Walmart, and start purchasing all the items that will make your bathroom come to life. The key to a successful renovation is to have fun and let your creativity go wild.


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Elegant Bathroom Designs



Every room in the house should be decorated according to its function and with the right decorating designs as well. Architectural designers have come up with different methods of improving a home to attain the modern and classic look, and these inventions include how to make a bathroom stand out just like the rest of the house. There are different ideas that one can use in designing the bathroom, but the most important thing to consider is its size. The space or scope of the bathroom helps you determine the kind of fixtures to incorporate and the best designs as well.


Elegant Bathroom Designs.

The Material

Now homeowners have discovered the excellent ways of building easy to clean bathrooms with the use of marble, granite, and porcelain. These three materials are soft to touch and come in different colors that give your bathroom a modern and elegant look. It is easy to maintain the elements regarding cleaning since they only require you to wipe them with a cloth.Another area to focus on when selecting the material is the floor. The bathroom floor tends to get water all the time when people are taking showers or even when cleaning the surfaces. Therefore, instead of investing in the old design of adding carpets on the floor, now people are adding tiles. Also instead of using fabric curtains, you can use opaque glass doors which are comfortable to maintain and does not get attacked by mildew or mold.

The Colors

The colors are other excellent designs to consider when it comes to modeling a bathroom. When it comes to small and large bathroom renovations, the colors that you use to determine how the bathroom would appear. For example, there are some colors such as white, beige and cream that cause the bathroom to look more prominent. Also, neutral colors are easy to maintain and go well with any bathroom. If these colors seem to be a bit dull to you, you can add some boldness on other fixtures in the bathroom such as the bathtub, the faucets and also the lightings.

The Fixtures

Add your own taste of fixtures when designing a bathroom. There are different designs of bathroom fixtures such as the bathtub, the sinks, shower heads and also you can add some style when choosing the kind of lighting to use in the bathroom. For example, you can use chandelier lighting in the middle part of the ceiling.


Lighting is another excellent design that a lot of people are focusing on. Your bathroom requires enough illumination just like the rest of the house, and therefore, there should be good lighting. For homeowners, this design can help you attract a lot of potential buyers mainly when you use unique and bright bathroom lighting fixtures. Some of the ideas to add when designing the bathroom lighting include the kind of light to use; maybe you can use crystal chandelier and also consider using other bold colored like led bulbs.


Let your bathroom pop up with the use of the above designing ideas. Make sure you work with an experienced designer so they can help you regarding how to put in place the different designs. Also, use other ideas like adding portraits on the walls of the bathroom if space allows you would be awesome.


Contributed by : Aaron Gruenke foremost expert in bathroom design.

Every Small Bathroom Needs A Vanity

Vanity Design

When faced with a small bathroom, a vanity can seem like a necessary evil, especially when you want to add a steam shower and whirlpool tub. A vanity is necessary because all of those items, like razors, soap, hair clips …, need to be stored in the bathroom. The problem is that the vanity can often take up a lot of valuable space in an already small bathroom.

Small Bathroom Vanity
Small Bathroom Vanity

But, there is a way to have a vanity that’s useful and beautiful, and that doesn’t take up an unnecessary amount of space.

Floating vanities can be installed at any height that’s convenient to you. They lend a visually uncluttered look to the bathroom because they sit up and off the floor. They also allow for better air circulation. If you have children, you can store the step stool underneath the vanity.

Compact, well-designed vanities often come equipped with drawer and shelf organizers. These vanities are available in any style that suits your decor. Opt for a modern or traditional look or go for a stone countertop and natural wood construction.

Clutter is really the enemy of design. The vanity ensures that everything that must live in the bathroom has a place. Say good-bye to loose items perched precariously on the sink. With the right vanity, you won’t have to walk back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom to get what you need. There is a vanity out there that will solve those problems and make your bathroom functional, airy, and beautiful.


Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke writer and foremost expert in bathroom design.

5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Designer

things to ask interior designer before hiring



So, you’re ready to embark on that long awaited bathroom renovation. You’ve flipped through all the magazines full of glossy images of steam showers, whirlpool tubs, spa tables, and all manner of luxury items for your very own retreat. Now what?

Before you actually sign a contract with a designer, there are some considerations you need to think about it. Take a step back and figure out exactly what your budget is and whether or not you’re going to allow yourself to change your plans halfway through the project. I know that last bit sounds a bit silly. But, the number of choices you’ll be required to make and the variety of products and ideas you’ll come across might tempt you to change your original vision over and over again!

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you want from your bathroom, interview every available designer until you find one that answers the following questions to your satisfaction.

What is your renovation schedule? You will want a designer (and subsequently, a contractor) who will decide right from the start on a solid timeline. The schedule should tell you when the work will start, when you’re expected to pay for that work, and when it will be completed. You’ll also want to know if the workers will be in your home every day until the project is complete or just on particular days.

Who will be in my home? Bathroom renovations involve a lot of different tradespeople. Make sure you know ahead of time who is expected to show up when. If you can’t be home during the renovation, find out if the contractor or designer offers a supervisory service. Failing that, try asking a family member or neighbor to come over and supervise who is in your home and where they go.

How will my home be protected? With so many tradespeople coming and going, it would be easy for a stranger to enter without anyone knowing. As above, find someone to supervise the work if you can’t be there yourself. Also, remove all breakables and anything valuable from adjacent rooms. Renovations can be a little destructive, and you don’t want something important to vibrate off a table and break. If renovators need to remove a window or outside wall, find out how they plan to protect your home from the weather and any animals that might try to enter.

What is your preferred method of communication? Designers and renovators are busy people. So are you, for that matter. Because anything can happen during a renovation, knowing how to contact the designer or contractor is key. That person should provide you with a cell phone number or the best way of reaching him or her quickly.

Do you anticipate any problems? Before you start your renovation, your head is probably full of all the wonderful ideas you’ve been collecting that will turn your barely functioning bathroom into a spa-like experience. Be aware, though, that few renovations are problem free. Your designer or contractor should be sufficiently familiar with the style and age of your home to know what kind of issues you might run into. Anticipating problems will ensure that you have enough money saved in your budget to deal with any surprises.


Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke author and foremost expert in bathroom design and bathroom products.

What is Trending Now in Bathroom Design

bath surround

What is Trending in Bathrooms ?

Bathroom trends are often changing and improving. The millennial homeowner has many unique options available allowing them to build a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom. Homeowners of 2016 are finding that they no longer have to choose the features that past generations were in love with. Modern trends are on the rise creating limitless opportunities to build a bathroom that speaks to the homeowners’ individuality.

Bold Colors in Bathroom DesignColor-popping décor

The stark white bathrooms of yesterday are a thing of the past. Today’s homeowners are bringing pops of color into their bathroom retreats.

Walking into a modern bathroom can be a memorable experience. Homeowners are placing bright greens against a backdrop of black or creating a tiled wall out of shades of bright purples. No matter the color or the accessory the homeowner is making a statement.

Say goodbye to cold feet

The days of stepping out of the shower onto an ice cold floor are gone. The modern homeowner is installing heated floors in the bathroom.

These floors are easily installed by placing electric heat coils or hydraulic tubing under the tile. The best part about the heated floor is that the heat rises from the tiles creating a comfortable temperature in the bathroom. You no longer need to adjust the temperature in the rest of the home.

Showers beyond measure

The modern day walk-in-shower is something the past generations could never have imagined. Homeowners are choosing shower designs that take up anywhere from a quarter to half of the bathroom, making the shower the focal point of the room.

Frameless, heavy glass enclosures with seating is a trend that is breathtaking and gives the modern bathroom a true spa-like feeling.

Bathtubs of tomorrow

For the homeowner that prefers a nice long soak, large bold standalone tubs are taking center stage in the modern bathroom. This type of bathtub can really bring style to the spa-like design. bathtub lights

The standalone bathtubs with the claw feet are no longer the standard choice. The bathtubs of today come in many unique shapes and sizes allowing the homeowner to have the bathtub they have always dreamed of.

Save the water

In today’s world, the modern homeowner is always looking for ways to conserve. When designing the modern bathroom, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be aware of all the water, energy, and money saving plumbing fixtures that are available. Such as low flow toilets that use 3 litres or less of water per flush.

low water consumption toilet

The most amazing part is you don’t have to give up the style of your bathroom to be more efficient. The homeowner will be able to find high-efficiency plumbing in all the latest designs.

Large or small the bathroom can become an oasis. Don’t settle for the old standard bathroom. Be creative and allow the imagination to take control. The modern trends of today give the homeowner the ability to create a bathroom that is functional, while being a place for relaxation and comfort after a long day of work or play.

Don’t get lost in the trends of years gone by. It is time to take advantage of all the opportunities available for bathroom design in 2016. Be bold and daring by building or improving the bathroom of today before you find yourself with a bathroom you despise.

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke foremost expert in Bathroom design and fixtures.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

bathroom design trends

Bathroom Flooring

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, or create it from scratch, one important decision involves the material you’ll use for the floor. With some of the bigger decisions that go into constructing a bathroom, the flooring often gets left behind, but it is a crucial part of a bathroom design and can greatly add or deter from the other aesthetics that make your bathroom beautiful and unique. When it comes to bathroom flooring, the choices are varied. Materials include anything from carpeted floors to wood and tile floors. There are pros and cons to each of these choices, and the cost, material and design are almost certain to be a vital decision maker. Here are the positive and negative aspects of each choice, as well as some things to consider before making a commitment.

A more traditional and perhaps, now old-fashioned style, carpeted bathrooms are most often seen in master bathrooms that are connected to a master bedroom. Carpet can be a great way of creating a luxurious and sophisticated bathroom that promotes relaxation and health. However, carpet also has its disadvantages. Ever spill a bottle of shampoo or soap in the bathroom? What about that one time when little Johnny was sick and couldn’t quite make it all the way to the toilet? Carpet will be much more difficult to clean and maintain over time than will other types of flooring. If you have a free standing tub that easily overflows or ever happen to deal with a clogged toilet, this could be very bad news for your carpeted bathroom.

A beautiful choice that seems to have value no matter what style your bathroom takes, is wood (or laminate, if you’re open to saving a few bucks for the same look). Whether your bathroom follows an antique style, a modern style, a rustic style or something in between, wood is almost always a choice with which you can’t go wrong. Wood gives you several choices with the same look, as well. Laminate is slightly cheaper than engineered wood (real wood backed with plywood), but gives off the same look as a pure wood floor. Engineered wood resists humidity and can be a great choice if you live in a humid area or don’t have any windows in your bathroom with which to ventilate the steam. Conversely, wood is also not a friend to water, and if you know that your bathroom usage might be susceptible to water or other fluid leaks, it might not be the best choice for your bathroom remodel.

Tile is one of the most popular flooring choices for not only bathrooms, but for the entirety of your home’s flooring. Tile serves as a great flooring option, because it comes in so many different shapes, styles and colors. Ceramic tile is one of the best choices for bathrooms, because it is durable, waterproof and stain-resistant. Ceramic tile is also known for being slip-resistant, which makes it a great choice for any bathroom that has children running in and out at any given time. Tile is an all-around great choice for the bathroom, but it can be tricky to install, and it can be one of the more expensive materials to purchase. The cost of the tile, plus installation can start to add up, especially if you have a bathroom that’s on the larger side.

A less popular option, cork floors can actually be a great choice and will allow you to create a more sustainable space in your home. Cork can come in a variety of styles and colors and often looks very similar to wood or laminate flooring. The cork material is made from bark and is highly renewable and a great resource for the environment. It is resistant to mold and mildew and it is also water resistant. Cork is also an affordable option for those looking to save room in their budget to splurge on other aspects of the bathroom remodel.

Bamboo is another highly sustainable resource, though not quite as cost effective as cork. On the other hand, bamboo is often undifferentiated from wood, while costing about half the price as true hardwood floors. Bamboo is relatively easy to install, making them a can-do DIY project, and the planks of bamboo are also easy to replace, which is always a great fallback for unseen disasters. For bathrooms, engineered bamboo is the recommended choice, because the planks are durable and withstand humid environments better than some other materials.


These are some of the most popular options for bathroom flooring, and we hope they help you get a head start in your bathroom flooring planning. If you’re remodeling, what type of flooring did you have before, and are you making any changes? If you’re still figuring out the flooring for your new space, what key factors are helping you make a decision? Leave your feedback in the comments below, and let us know which type of flooring you think works best in the bathroom!

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke author and foremost expert in bathroom fixtures and bathroom design.

Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

bathroom remodeling ideas

We all have those restless moments when we want to do something different with the décor when the timing and budget just couldn’t be more wrong. Sometimes, however, you just need to do something different so that you don’t end up pulling your hair out. If you want to make some changes to your décor, but you’re on a strict budget, there are still some small and simple tweaks that you can perform to make your bathroom feel like it was given a significant upgrade. Upgrading the décor doesn’t always mean replacing the big hardware, like showers or vanities. Instead, you can choose to make simple decorative adjustments that will still change the room’s appearance and give it a new vibe without taking everything from your budget.


Repainting is one of the simplest and easiest ways to give your bathroom an upgrade.  When you paint, it doesn’t just have to be on the walls or other common painted areas. Consider painting your vanity a new color, repaint your floors if they are made of wood, or paint another piece of furniture in the bathroom. The new color along with the touch up will make your bathroom feel like a completely new room and it will be a big change with a small impact on your wallet.

Bathroom Paint and accessories  Photo Credit:

Invest in New Hardware

By hardware, we don’t mean all of the bathroom’s biggest appliances. Sometimes, some of the basics will do the trick. A new towel rack, toilet paper roller, soap dispenser, etc. will make the room feel enlivened. Changing the cabinet and vanity handles can also help to give the bathroom an upgrade. These things tend to look pretty dingy and rusty over time, so having some new hardware to replace them could ultimately become the upgrade your bathroom needed all along.

Bathroom Vanity and Bathroom FixturesPhoto Credit:

Sometimes, the biggest deterrent in a bathroom is the amount of perceived clutter and mess. This is especially true of small bathrooms where storage is limited and additional storage may be either too costly or too impractical. If you have even the smallest room for additional storage, consider using old wooden crates for additional storage. These can not only make great small, compact storage bins, but they can also be a decorative and stylistic statement for your bathroom.

Bathroom StoragePhoto Credit:

These are just some of our favorite budget bathroom décor ideas, but you’re sure to find many more with a little bit of research and a lot of creativity. What changes have you made to your bathroom with a limited budget? What are your favorite bathroom décor DIY hacks? Leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments below – we’d love to share your ideas!

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Tiling Ideas for Your Bathroom


Tile can be an effective and affordable way to spruce up your design. What’s great about tile is that it doesn’t only have to be used on the floor, but it can also be used for the walls, tubs, vanity countertops and more. Tile can be used for a whole floor renovation or it can be used to cover old and outdated materials that need replacing. Sometimes tile gets a bad rap; glossy wood floors and luxurious marble are seen as the materials of the contemporary style, but this idea comes from the idea of tile that was used in the bathrooms of the early 2000s, which now seem outdated and less than sophisticated. But tile can have a truly luxurious and transformative effect on bathrooms as long as it’s the right size and design. Check out some of our favorite tile designs below to get a head start on generating some tile ideas.

Tile the Walls

As we mentioned above, tile doesn’t have to be exclusive to floors. Some of the most attractive designs exist where tile is used to cover the walls of the bathroom, inside of the shower, etc. Most people expect tile to be on the floors if it’s going to be anywhere at all, so finding tile in creative patterns elsewhere is always a nice surprise that really adds to the overall décor of the bathroom.

Wall tiles in BathroomPhoto Credit:

Unique Tile Patterns

Where tiled bathrooms exist, we are used to seeing some sort of rhythmic design, usually with blue and grey undertones that match our expectations for what a bathroom should look like. Another great way to use tile is to create your own unique design and don’t be afraid to break from the norm when laying down a new design. These unique tile pieces blend together to present a quilt-like pattern and add magnificent volume to this rustic-style bathroom design.

patterns in tiles for bathroomPhoto Credit:

Patterned Tile

Tile can be simple and blend together, it can be sporadic and create a free-form feel, or it can be highly symmetrical and create a unique and edgy pattern of its own. The type of tile you choose is entirely up to you, but if you enjoy form and symmetry we suggest searching for the design and pattern that is going to make your bathroom truly special and can be a focal point in the bathroom.

patterns in tiles for bathroom

Photo Credit:

Shower Interior

Even if tile isn’t your first choice for the flooring or walls, it can be a great solution for the shower interior of a walk-in unit or add a steam generator to make it a  steam room. If your shower unit has glass doors or is visible from the rest of the bathroom, this can be a great way to make your whole bathroom feel like it has received a makeover while focusing your time and money on one simple area.

tiles for showerPhoto Credit:

What’s your personal take on tile in the bathroom, or even the rest of the house? Do you have tile in your home? Is it something that you would consider using for a renovation? If not, why not? If so, what is the design or structure you chose? Leave your suggestions and feedback in the comments below!

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke bathroom design expert and author. Aaron writes for several magazines and blogs online and offline about bathroom products design and trends.

Things not to do when remodeling your Bathroom

Things not to do when renovating your bathroom

When it comes to remodeling tips, everyone’s full of advice. It seems like plenty of contractors, websites, and designers have suggestions about what to do, how to do it and where to do it at, but when it comes to avoiding the cardinal “don’ts” concerning your bathroom space, there’s considerably less information out there. If you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to remodeling your home’s interior, it can be a daunting and often scary process. Of course, you want to make all the right changes for your home, the ones that will turn a mundane room into something spectacular, but at the same time, you don’t want to end up with faulty plumbing or disastrous design flaws. As much as it’s important to know the right kinds of action steps for your bathroom remodel, it’s also crucial to understand what steps you should avoid.

So, if you’re looking for more specific direction in what steps to take, and what steps not to take in your bathroom remodel, check out our following suggestions.

Don’t Forget the Design Plan
It can be easy to just pick out colors and products you like without really thinking about who they will serve, but having a design plan to keep you focused will be worth it in the end. Think about the long-term use of the bathroom. Will it be a kids’ bathroom, a guest bath, or the master suite? Should the décor be more practical or more luxurious? Think about the purpose of the bathroom, and then design accordingly.
                                                                  Photo Credit:

Don’t Reroute Plumbing or Ventilation
While it can be tempting to rearrange your whole bathroom and change the way everything was previously structured, it’s best to keep the plumbing and ventilation intact and work around the existing construction.  You can never be certain that what you’re doing now won’t have negative effects later down the road. You don’t want to enjoy your newly renovated bathroom and then suddenly find a major plumbing or ventilation problem that makes you tear everything out all over again.

Bathroom1                                                             Photo Credit:

Don’t Cut Corners on Key Materials
With an assortment of products in relatively low-cost options, it might sound appealing to spend less on less desirable products, such as the toilet. But time will show that it’s important to get high-quality products where the appliances will be used frequently, and when it comes to the bathroom, that means almost all of the most major appliances or plumbing fixtrues. If you don’t have the budget for high-quality products, it might be better to postpone the bathroom project until your budget allows for serious upgrades.

Bathroom2                                                                  Photo Credit:

These are some of the most serious “don’ts” we came up with when considering a bathroom renovation, and if you follow these basic guidelines, we believe that you’ll be on the right track to gaining a pretty spectacular remodel. Ultimately, however, understanding what things to avoid is all part of the learning process, and we’d love to hear from some of our more experienced remodelers on what they’d suggest you don’t do in your bathroom remodel. Drop a comment in the field below and share your feedback!


Contributed by Aaron Gruenke  Foremost expert in Saunas and Steam showers and bathroom fixtures. Aaron is an author and writes for  and other home improvement websites.

How to Design Your Bathroom

How to Design Bathroom

Your bathroom is where you will spend time preparing for the day ahead, plus it provides a space to relax and unwind in an nice bath at the end of a long day. Therefore it is essential that your bathroom is designed both beautifully and practically. When it comes to designing your bathroom there are so many things that you will need to consider that it can often be a hard task to know where to start. This article is packed full of handy top tips that will help to create your dream bathroom in no time at all.

Start With a Plan

The first thing that you will need to do is to create a plan of the bathroom area. You can do this the old fashioned way by measuring the room with a tape measure and then use these measurements to create a scaled down plan on paper. Use a pencil to create the plan and experiment with positioning of soft fixtures and fittings so that you can easily change them if need be. The other option is to use a piece of design software. This software will automatically generate a plan of your bathroom for you so that you can refer to the plan throughout the design process. There are lots of inexpensive programs on the market designed for do it yourselfers to design there own bathroom.

Create a Moodboard

The next step is to create a moodboard. A moodboard is a board which features clippings of images, fabric swatches, themes and color swatches and themes that you like the look of. You can find inspiration in a number of places including in home design magazines, and on sites such as Pinterest. This step is important as it will help to inspire you and give you a visual representation of what you are after, which in turn will help you to create a more professional look and finish in your bathroom. Also dont forget to think about the lighting for your bathroom as that will set the mood of it being an airy open feel or closed and dark.

Fixtures and Fittings

Now is the time to start thinking about what fixtures and fittings you want inside of your bathroom. Write down a list of everything that you definitely want such as a whirlpool bath, steam shower unit, single or double bathroom vanity, framed mirrors, his and hers sinks and so on. When it comes to choosing bathroom fixtures you will want to pick things which are matching or similar in style. You can experiment with the positioning of these units on your moodboard. How to Design Bathroom


You can refer to your moodboard when it comes to the overall theme of your bathroom. You will need to pick the paint color or wallpaper for the walls, and other things like tiling. Try to pick softer colors for bathrooms with touches of bold color or design to really make your style pop when people enter your bathroom… sometimes little if more when it comes to subtle newonces that make a statement.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches can really bring out the best in your bathroom help to tie everything all together. These finishing touches can include things like large candles, mirrors, heated towel racks and bath mats. Follow the above tips and you should be able to design your dream bathroom in no time at all.

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