Elegant Bathroom Designs



Every room in the house should be decorated according to its function and with the right decorating designs as well. Architectural designers have come up with different methods of improving a home to attain the modern and classic look, and these inventions include how to make a bathroom stand out just like the rest of the house. There are different ideas that one can use in designing the bathroom, but the most important thing to consider is its size. The space or scope of the bathroom helps you determine the kind of fixtures to incorporate and the best designs as well.


Elegant Bathroom Designs.

The Material

Now homeowners have discovered the excellent ways of building easy to clean bathrooms with the use of marble, granite, and porcelain. These three materials are soft to touch and come in different colors that give your bathroom a modern and elegant look. It is easy to maintain the elements regarding cleaning since they only require you to wipe them with a cloth.Another area to focus on when selecting the material is the floor. The bathroom floor tends to get water all the time when people are taking showers or even when cleaning the surfaces. Therefore, instead of investing in the old design of adding carpets on the floor, now people are adding tiles. Also instead of using fabric curtains, you can use opaque glass doors which are comfortable to maintain and does not get attacked by mildew or mold.

The Colors

The colors are other excellent designs to consider when it comes to modeling a bathroom. When it comes to small and large bathroom renovations, the colors that you use to determine how the bathroom would appear. For example, there are some colors such as white, beige and cream that cause the bathroom to look more prominent. Also, neutral colors are easy to maintain and go well with any bathroom. If these colors seem to be a bit dull to you, you can add some boldness on other fixtures in the bathroom such as the bathtub, the faucets and also the lightings.

The Fixtures

Add your own taste of fixtures when designing a bathroom. There are different designs of bathroom fixtures such as the bathtub, the sinks, shower heads and also you can add some style when choosing the kind of lighting to use in the bathroom. For example, you can use chandelier lighting in the middle part of the ceiling.


Lighting is another excellent design that a lot of people are focusing on. Your bathroom requires enough illumination just like the rest of the house, and therefore, there should be good lighting. For homeowners, this design can help you attract a lot of potential buyers mainly when you use unique and bright bathroom lighting fixtures. Some of the ideas to add when designing the bathroom lighting include the kind of light to use; maybe you can use crystal chandelier and also consider using other bold colored like led bulbs.


Let your bathroom pop up with the use of the above designing ideas. Make sure you work with an experienced designer so they can help you regarding how to put in place the different designs. Also, use other ideas like adding portraits on the walls of the bathroom if space allows you would be awesome.


Contributed by : Aaron Gruenke foremost expert in bathroom design.

What is Trending Now in Bathroom Design

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What is Trending in Bathrooms ?

Bathroom trends are often changing and improving. The millennial homeowner has many unique options available allowing them to build a spa-like atmosphere in their bathroom. Homeowners of 2016 are finding that they no longer have to choose the features that past generations were in love with. Modern trends are on the rise creating limitless opportunities to build a bathroom that speaks to the homeowners’ individuality.

Bold Colors in Bathroom DesignColor-popping décor

The stark white bathrooms of yesterday are a thing of the past. Today’s homeowners are bringing pops of color into their bathroom retreats.

Walking into a modern bathroom can be a memorable experience. Homeowners are placing bright greens against a backdrop of black or creating a tiled wall out of shades of bright purples. No matter the color or the accessory the homeowner is making a statement.

Say goodbye to cold feet

The days of stepping out of the shower onto an ice cold floor are gone. The modern homeowner is installing heated floors in the bathroom.

These floors are easily installed by placing electric heat coils or hydraulic tubing under the tile. The best part about the heated floor is that the heat rises from the tiles creating a comfortable temperature in the bathroom. You no longer need to adjust the temperature in the rest of the home.

Showers beyond measure

The modern day walk-in-shower is something the past generations could never have imagined. Homeowners are choosing shower designs that take up anywhere from a quarter to half of the bathroom, making the shower the focal point of the room.

Frameless, heavy glass enclosures with seating is a trend that is breathtaking and gives the modern bathroom a true spa-like feeling.

Bathtubs of tomorrow

For the homeowner that prefers a nice long soak, large bold standalone tubs are taking center stage in the modern bathroom. This type of bathtub can really bring style to the spa-like design. bathtub lights

The standalone bathtubs with the claw feet are no longer the standard choice. The bathtubs of today come in many unique shapes and sizes allowing the homeowner to have the bathtub they have always dreamed of.

Save the water

In today’s world, the modern homeowner is always looking for ways to conserve. When designing the modern bathroom, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be aware of all the water, energy, and money saving plumbing fixtures that are available. Such as low flow toilets that use 3 litres or less of water per flush.

low water consumption toilet

The most amazing part is you don’t have to give up the style of your bathroom to be more efficient. The homeowner will be able to find high-efficiency plumbing in all the latest designs.

Large or small the bathroom can become an oasis. Don’t settle for the old standard bathroom. Be creative and allow the imagination to take control. The modern trends of today give the homeowner the ability to create a bathroom that is functional, while being a place for relaxation and comfort after a long day of work or play.

Don’t get lost in the trends of years gone by. It is time to take advantage of all the opportunities available for bathroom design in 2016. Be bold and daring by building or improving the bathroom of today before you find yourself with a bathroom you despise.

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke foremost expert in Bathroom design and fixtures.

Bathroom Flooring Ideas

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Bathroom Flooring

When it comes time to remodel your bathroom, or create it from scratch, one important decision involves the material you’ll use for the floor. With some of the bigger decisions that go into constructing a bathroom, the flooring often gets left behind, but it is a crucial part of a bathroom design and can greatly add or deter from the other aesthetics that make your bathroom beautiful and unique. When it comes to bathroom flooring, the choices are varied. Materials include anything from carpeted floors to wood and tile floors. There are pros and cons to each of these choices, and the cost, material and design are almost certain to be a vital decision maker. Here are the positive and negative aspects of each choice, as well as some things to consider before making a commitment.

A more traditional and perhaps, now old-fashioned style, carpeted bathrooms are most often seen in master bathrooms that are connected to a master bedroom. Carpet can be a great way of creating a luxurious and sophisticated bathroom that promotes relaxation and health. However, carpet also has its disadvantages. Ever spill a bottle of shampoo or soap in the bathroom? What about that one time when little Johnny was sick and couldn’t quite make it all the way to the toilet? Carpet will be much more difficult to clean and maintain over time than will other types of flooring. If you have a free standing tub that easily overflows or ever happen to deal with a clogged toilet, this could be very bad news for your carpeted bathroom.

A beautiful choice that seems to have value no matter what style your bathroom takes, is wood (or laminate, if you’re open to saving a few bucks for the same look). Whether your bathroom follows an antique style, a modern style, a rustic style or something in between, wood is almost always a choice with which you can’t go wrong. Wood gives you several choices with the same look, as well. Laminate is slightly cheaper than engineered wood (real wood backed with plywood), but gives off the same look as a pure wood floor. Engineered wood resists humidity and can be a great choice if you live in a humid area or don’t have any windows in your bathroom with which to ventilate the steam. Conversely, wood is also not a friend to water, and if you know that your bathroom usage might be susceptible to water or other fluid leaks, it might not be the best choice for your bathroom remodel.

Tile is one of the most popular flooring choices for not only bathrooms, but for the entirety of your home’s flooring. Tile serves as a great flooring option, because it comes in so many different shapes, styles and colors. Ceramic tile is one of the best choices for bathrooms, because it is durable, waterproof and stain-resistant. Ceramic tile is also known for being slip-resistant, which makes it a great choice for any bathroom that has children running in and out at any given time. Tile is an all-around great choice for the bathroom, but it can be tricky to install, and it can be one of the more expensive materials to purchase. The cost of the tile, plus installation can start to add up, especially if you have a bathroom that’s on the larger side.

A less popular option, cork floors can actually be a great choice and will allow you to create a more sustainable space in your home. Cork can come in a variety of styles and colors and often looks very similar to wood or laminate flooring. The cork material is made from bark and is highly renewable and a great resource for the environment. It is resistant to mold and mildew and it is also water resistant. Cork is also an affordable option for those looking to save room in their budget to splurge on other aspects of the bathroom remodel.

Bamboo is another highly sustainable resource, though not quite as cost effective as cork. On the other hand, bamboo is often undifferentiated from wood, while costing about half the price as true hardwood floors. Bamboo is relatively easy to install, making them a can-do DIY project, and the planks of bamboo are also easy to replace, which is always a great fallback for unseen disasters. For bathrooms, engineered bamboo is the recommended choice, because the planks are durable and withstand humid environments better than some other materials.


These are some of the most popular options for bathroom flooring, and we hope they help you get a head start in your bathroom flooring planning. If you’re remodeling, what type of flooring did you have before, and are you making any changes? If you’re still figuring out the flooring for your new space, what key factors are helping you make a decision? Leave your feedback in the comments below, and let us know which type of flooring you think works best in the bathroom!

Contributed by: Aaron Gruenke author and foremost expert in bathroom fixtures and bathroom design.

Things to Know Before You Redo Your Bathroom

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A bathroom remodel is a huge undertaking, there’s no doubt about it. Done well, it can add value to a home far above the money spent, while also adding a great deal to the enjoyment of a home. Still, remodeling a bathroom is a potentially expensive and stressful project, so plan carefully before committing to a redo.

Here are a few tips from the experts to keep in mind:

bathroom design planning

Choose your tiles carefully. Bathroom tiles add a beautiful texture to a bathroom, but it’s important to consider the practical features of the type of tile you choose. Porcelain or glazed tiles are easy to clean and care for. Limestone is porous and can absorb liquids, which makes it prone to stains unless it has been carefully sealed.

Go over color palettes carefully. Take your time and study samples before committing to a color scheme. Paint and tile samples are available to allow for living with certain colors and seeing how they feel in a room, before purchasing several gallons of paint and a lot of expensive tile.

Be smart when selecting caulking material. Caulking is an important factor in a bathroom, as this material seals up the spaces between tiles and between appliances and wood or flooring. There are caulking materials now that protect from mildew, which is a huge plus. Acrylic caulking is also easier to replace when it wears out.

Upgrade electrical wiring. By the time a bathroom is ready for an appliance and tile upgrade, you can bet the electrical will be in need of a rehab too. Make the effort to replace the wiring and add in more outlets for the room, for added safety and convenience.

Carefully review sink styles before making a choice. There are plenty of beautiful sinks to choose from, from a pedestal sink to a bowl to a vanity sink in a cabinet. Take a look at the practical advantages of each style (the pedestal is elegant but offers no storage capacity) and weigh them against the sink’s aesthetic value before making a purchase.

Create built in storage spaces for toiletries, for practicality and added charm. A recessed storage area in the bathroom can be an attractive way to store shampoo and soap bottles, while also keeping them conveniently on hand.

Plan the master bath with privacy in mind for the prudish. It’s wonderful to have a luxurious master bath in a home, but there are a few features that are must-haves in this shared bathroom. The toilet area should be private, with a door if at all possible. The tub and shower areas should be separate as well, if room allows, so two people can get ready in the bath at the same time.

Yes, there are many elements involved in a bathroom remodel. The entire process requires patience and the help of dedicated contractors with lots of expertise. Done successfully, you will come out with a great looking bathroom that adds tremendously to the enjoyment – and value – of your home.

bathroom design considerations


Contributed by: Perfectbath.com foremost experts and authority on bathroom products and design

8 Bathroom Trends to Know in 2016

We’re almost three months in to 2016, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to tackle new projects, new goals and new trends. Like fashion, bathrooms have their own set of trends – and here at Perfectbath we’re on top of the latest and greatest! To help you with your next bathroom remodel, our team came up with a list of eight bathroom trends that we think should be part of your 2016 dream bathroom!

heated-bathroom-floor1. Heated bathroom floors: It’s not quite spring yet, and let’s be honest, those bathroom floors always seem a bit chilly.. Bathroom floors always find a way to be the coldest part of the house. Heated floors are becoming extremely popular, not only because of their warmth, but they can help dry out the moisture in your bathroom after a shower or bath. And, the obvious bonus: they make that walk out of the shower much less miserable. While they aren’t a necessity, heated floors are definitely a luxury item we wouldn’t mind having.

open-shelves2. Open shelving: One of our favorite trends is pretty popular across the home improvement industry – open shelving throughout the bathroom. By installing open shelving, you can do so much! Whether you want to display a collection of knickknacks you’ve worked on for years, gain more space for towel storage, or have a spot for all those random shower bottles – the choices are endless. Not only is it inexpensive, it’s stylish, too!

rebath grab bars


3. Grab bars in showers: Grab bars are extremely helpful for safety reasons, but they’re also trendy in 2016. If you think you’re about to take a spill in the shower, grab bars can help you avoid a heap of trouble if you’ve got them installed. They’re quick and easy to install.

4. Big tile: Any kind of color can change the look of your entire bathroom. When it comes to your floor – the same holds true. If you fee like you’re cramped, pick a big, bold pattern for your bathroom tile. This will create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.



5. Trough sinks: Trough sinks are stylish and great for small bathrooms. Two faucets can easily fit on a trough sink or you can opt for just one faucet if that’s all you need. The possibilities of styles and color schemes for trough sinks are infinite. No matter your style, you can flaunt it with one of these sinks.




6. Shower seats: Shower seats might not ever go out of style. A shower is a quicker alternative to a bath, but a seat can make it much more relaxing. There are tons of styles and options when it comes to shower seats.

7. White color schemes: You can’t go wrong with a neutral color scheme, and white is no exception. It’s easy to pair a pop of color with a white bathroom. White plumbing fixtures give your bathroom a clean look and clean is always in style.


multiple shower heads8. Double showerheads: Home experts say that the popularity of a large rain showerhead with the addition of a handset will grow in 2016. Who wouldn’t like one of those hand-held showerheads to get all of those places you might have missed? Hand-held shower heads are also super helpful when bathing kids and pets!

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