Show-stopping vessel bathroom sinks from Canada that evoke excitement and bring a new level of elegance and design to your bathroom experience.

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Ceramic Basin – BC2270


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Ceramic Basin – BC2240



Sinks are a fundamental focal point of a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean they have to be purely functional. They are often the first and last thing you see when using a bathroom and as such they can transform your bathroom experience. Inspired design can turn a sink from a mere vessel into a pleasing centerpiece that sets the mood for your bathroom’s environment.

Olden day washbasins used before the advent of the modern sink inspire today’s contemporary vessel units. The clean lines open up bathroom space for a sophisticated and urban look. You can instantaneously freshen a humdrum space with an unconventional and artistic sink.

When choosing your sink, think about how the design will fit into the rest of your environment. Will it be sleek and streamlined? Should it blend into the countertop in a sunken design, or should it stand out, as a vessel sink, and dominate the counter area?

Don’t forget to consider function alongside form. What size of a sink do you need? Has a dual-sink configuration been something you’ve always wanted?

The simple beauty of a Perfect Bath basin sink can enhance morning and evening rituals. A new sink is a small investment for improving the overall chic value of a bathroom.


Our Vessel Bathroom Sinks Feature:

Vessel Bathroom Sinks

  • Simple, clean lines and finish make cleanup a breeze.
  • Built to last for years with the durable, scratch resistant, fully glazed ceramic porcelain.
  • High-luster finish takes the overlooked sink to a place of both beauty and functionality.
  • Resists fading and staining.
  • Innovative design for the comfort of a family’s daily bathroom routine.
  • Amazing versatility for your décor dreams with contemporary European design boasting creative and compelling form.
  • Gain extra counter and under-sink space.
  • Vessel sinks offer more options to create an interesting design for your bathroom.
  • Reduce costs with one-hole installation.