Discount Toilets and Bathroom Fixtures

When you want unique bathroom fixtures that perform as well as they look. Unique products at an affordable price delivered to your door in Canada.

Discount ECO Friendly Toilets and Bathroom Fixtures

Since the invention of the siphon flush toilet, the system flushed in one way­–a large rush, wasting gallons of water. But great European design brings amazing advancements in technology and function. When conservation laws came into effect, the 3-6 litre toilet came into our world. Today’s dual flush eco-friendly toilet means less water needed to get the job done!

Let us assist you find the perfect toilet that meets your look your searching for and functional requirements.

With high quality Single Flush and Dual flush Toilet and Bidet washlets we can revitalize your bathroom from the stone age to the future with our High quality bathroom fixtures. Shipped to your door .

Our one piece Toilets Feature:

Discount Toilets and Bathroom Fixtures Sale

  • One piece skirted design and hidden mounting bolts for aesthetic appeal and easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Quiet, slow-closing lids.
  • Larger 3” flushing valve for when the water leaves the tank.
  • Money saving, low water consumption eco-friendly dual flush models that give you a choice; one button for liquid waste and one button for solid waste.
  • Comfort height seats.
  • Fully glazed trap ways to ensure your toilet functions at top performance for years to come.
  • Quiet fill and flush system.
  • Wash down system in which water cascades from tank to the rim of the bowl.
  • Pop-off seat and lid design for slick and easy cleaning.
  • Spray coating electro-charged with negative ions for an antibacterial effect on the porcelain


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