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Far Infrared Technology

Far Infrared Demonstration Infrared saunas are different from traditional saunas because they operate at a temperature of 90-145 F compared to a traditional sauna that operates at 185-230 F. This temperature allows you to be able to breathe comfortably and enjoy the benefits for extended periods of time. Because the infrared rays safely and comfortably […]

Pain relief and far infrared saunas


Pain relief and far infrared saunas   Topical heat has been used by healthcare providers to relieve minor aches and pains, but nowadays we are just beginning to understand all the therapeutic benefits that heat offers. New clinical research found that heat promotes the activation of different complex metabolic, neurological, and vascular mechanisms to mediate […]


Sauna Studies and Health Benefits

If you’re in the market for an infrared sauna, there are several key considerations to make to ensure you select the perfect sauna for your home Numerous health gurus, fitness experts and medical doctors all agree – saunas, specifically infrared saunas, can deliver a whole host of important health and wellness benefits for people of all ages. […]

7 Benefits of Sweating in the Summer

benefits of sweating

With the hottest months of the year quickly approaching, many of us will soon fail in our attempts to avoid a little perspiration. But that summer sweat may not be such a bad thing. Along with sweat serving as our very own built-in air conditioner, sweating it out can have many other surprising health benefits […]


QUICK TIPS TO HELP YOU DETOXIFY YOUR BODY AND LOSE WEIGHT The weather is warming up, trees are budding and it’s time to get a jump-start on that summer body. At, we believe in sustainability.  Because of our passion, we have come to realize many exercise routines and diets and efforts to detox your […]

Top 4 reasons you need saunas for your home

Discount Sauna benefits

Saunas are extremely popular today, and you can find one to visit virtually anywhere. However, the same concerns that crop up with a pool tend to pop up with saunas as well. Is it clean enough? Will there be too many people there? That is why saunas for the home have suddenly become extremely popular […]

3 Benefits of Infrared Saunas Compared to Traditional Saunas

Can’t decide which type of sauna you’d like to purchase? Here are 3 benefits of infrared saunas over the traditional ones: Health Benefits An infrared sauna looks similar to a traditional sauna except there aren’t any hot coals since the heat is emitted from the built-in infrared heaters, which are located in the sides and […]

how infrared Saunas helps kill cancer cells

cancer treatment using infrared heat therapy

This month we are focusing on what it means to detoxify the mind and body as you give back to your health through natural healing. Infrared heat not only helps detoxify the body and mind by pulling out heavy metals and chemicals, it does so while promoting relaxation. This deep detoxification is shown to help […]


woman in sauna with color chroma therapy lights

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) was officially named in 1984 by Norman E. Rosenthal and his contemporaries at the National Institute for Mental Health. Since then, the condition has transformed from an easily-discarded mood issue to a commonly accepted disorder that now resides in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). It tends to […]