Tumbler Ridge British Columbia Steam Shower Generators

We sellSteam Generators in Tumbler Ridge for adding steam to your Shower and making it a spa retreat. We have complete Steam shower conversion kits that are easy to install.

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Steam Generators for Showers

home steam room generator

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Home steam generator

Steam Showers use a less amount of the water use as a standard shower. With environmental concerns on the rise, these units use less than two gallons of water to during a 20 minute steam bath as opposed to regular showers which can use 40-gallons of water. So you will have a more relaxing showering experience, save money on utility bills and be more friendly to the environment… what could be better than that?

Now you can add the luxury feeling of Steam to any shower with our home Steam Generator Kits Tumbler Ridge. You can build your own steam shower or you can retrofit your existing shower enclosure to add a steam feature. Build your own little shower getaway with our selection of 6-12kw home steam generators for steam saunas.

These generators mount easily in a wall behind the shower or under the medicine cabinet or in a cabinet nearby. Our steam shower or steam room kits come complete with everything you will need to make your steam shower installation a snap. These kits come with a set of 16ft of cabling ,digital controls you can mount either inside or outside of the shower, Steam generator, Chrome steam port and thermostat wire so you can control the temperature of the shower. Many other steam generator kits do not allow you to control the temperature they are purely steam on or off and that can be dangerous but with a SunDream steam generator you maintain complete control over the temperature of the shower. We also have option for add-ons like colr lights for the shower that can easily added to our system.

here is a couple videos to show you some presentation of how to plan and install your own residential steam generator in your home.

steam generator installation


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