Shower vs. Bathtub

Contemplating whether you should put a bathtub or a shower in your bathroom? Here are some factors to consider:

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Who will use the bathroom?
Think of either the people in your household or your potential buyers. Young, busy couples tend to prefer walk-in showers over tubs. The same is true for many elderly and disabled individuals because walk-ins are easy to get into and out of; however, these homeowners tend to prefer a place to sit and railings for safety and ease. Although, it would be difficult for parents of babies and toddlers to manage bath time in a shower.

If you are looking to age-in-place, a shower is a good investment. If you are planning to start a family, make sure you have at least one tub.

Baths in a master suite are usually only used by adults. If you plan to keep or install a master bathtub, consider deep, stand-alone models. These provide a luxurious option for those who like to soak in comfort. There are models for every aesthetic, easily incorporated into modern, rustic and antique designs. You can even look for varieties with jets or internal heaters that help keep the water warm. Source: TheSpruce

Which is more environmentally friendly?
Showers beat baths from an environment standpoint so long as you aren’t taking a very long shower, Grist reported earlier this year.

The best way to conserve water is to use a water-saving shower head, which uses no more than two gallons of water per minute. A 10-minute shower will put you at only 20 gallons on average to get clean through this method.

The average bath uses 36 gallons to fill a tub, while the average shower (without the water-saving device) uses five gallons of water per minute, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

You can make it snappy and rinse off between five and seven minutes with a regular shower head, or go a bit longer with a water-reducing nozzle instead. Source: HuffPost

Does the bathroom have enough space?
Space is at a premium in the average bathroom, which often measures just 5 by 8. While a standard tub measures 30 inches wide, it can be as long as 72 inches, according to This Old House, while stand-alone showers range from 36 by 36 inches to 36 by 48. This smaller footprint allows a shower to fit much more readily in a small bathroom than a tub, freeing up space for other features. Eliminating the tub in favor of the shower also allows homeowners to incorporate a larger, spa-like shower rather than the standard enclosure, while still utilizing less space than the average bathtub. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

If at this point you’re still undecided on which to get, we can help you pick what works best for your bathroom. Call us today!


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3 Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

Don’t let hypertension defeat you. Manage this condition by consistently following these important tips:

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Regular exercise
Exercise is one of the best things you can do to lower high blood pressure.

Regular exercise helps make your heart stronger and more efficient at pumping blood, which lowers the pressure in your arteries.

In fact, 150 minutes of moderate exercise, such as walking, or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, such as running, per week can help lower blood pressure and improve your heart health.

What’s more, doing even more exercise reduces your blood pressure even further, according to the National Walkers’ Health Study.

Bottom Line: Walking just 30 minutes a day can help lower your blood pressure. More exercise helps reduce it even further. Source: MedicalNewsToday

Reduce salt intake
We need sodium to live, but too much salt leads the body to hold on to more fluids and that causes volume changes inside blood vessels. Over time, blood pressure rises.

“The problem is, salt is everywhere,” Haythe noted.

“It’s not just the salt that you add with the shaker,” Blankstein added. “Most of the sodium we get in our diet is found in various processed foods — things like canned soups, chips, cold cuts, pickles and even bread.”

He recommended consuming less than 2 grams (2,000 mg) of salt — or less than one teaspoon — a day for people who are trying to lower their blood pressure. That can be very effective, he said. Source: Today

Relax in a sauna
Studying more than 1,600 middle-aged men in Finland, researchers found that those who took sauna baths four to seven times a week cut their risk of high blood pressure by nearly half, compared to once-a-week sauna bathers.

“Sauna bathing may decrease systemic blood pressure through different biological mechanisms,” said study researcher Jari Laukkanen, a professor at the University of Eastern Finland, and colleagues.

In the sauna, your body temperature rises, widening the blood vessels. Over time, this appears to improve the function of the inside layer of blood vessels, the researchers explained. Sauna baths also remove fluid from the body through sweating, and relax the body and mind, the researchers added. Source: WebMD

You have many options to choose from when it comes to lowering your blood pressure. But out of all your options, nothing beats the ease of relaxing in a sauna. If you don’t have a sauna yet, today is the best time to get one. Give us a call!


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3 Tips on Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

Are you planning to build a bathroom for your dream home or looking to renovate your old one? Save time, money, and effort by creating a fail-proof plan for your bathroom. Here are some great tips to help you out:

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Choose a layout
A full bathroom is made up of four parts: a sink, a shower, a bathtub, and a toilet. Anything less than that, and you can’t officially consider it a full bath.

The math is simple: Each utility is counted as one-quarter, so you add and deduct a quarter for each one, as the case may be. Therefore, a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower is considered a three-quarter bath. A bathroom with just a sink and a toilet is a half-bath. A quarter-bath is quite rare for the simple (and hygienic) reason that if you have a toilet, you need a sink in which to wash your hands—and a room with only a sink is just plain odd. Source: Realtor

Take walls into account
Whatever the size of your bath, keep in mind that the more walls that contain plumbing pipes, the higher the price tag. If you’re building new and budget is a concern, limit plumbing fixtures to one wall. If you’re remodeling, try to keep load-bearing walls where they are and avoid rerouting plumbing and electrical lines. In all cases, remember that varied rooflines, curved walls, arches, bump-outs, and other character-enhancing features will drive up your total price tag. Source: BHG

Don’t forget about ventilation
If there’s one room in the home that always needs to air out, it’s the bathroom. Beyond ushering out odors, vents serve the critical function of lifting damp air out of the room. When a bathroom is not properly vented, structural damage to the home can result.

Bathroom vents must exhaust to the outdoors—not simply up and out of the bathroom (and into the attic). “Then you put moisture in your attic and insulation, and I’ve seen instances where there was so much moisture in the attic that on cold days, the bottom of the wood deck froze and as it melted in the spring, it was like raining in the attic,” says Ken Perrin, president, Artistic Renovations, Cleveland, Ohio. Source: HGTV

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Tips on Cleaning Bathroom Grout

Bathroom floors, notorious for being dirty, are really tiresome to clean, and even more so when the grout has already changed colour due to the dirt. Learn how you can make the grout look new again with only minimal effort by following these tips:

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Use a steam cleaner
One effective and environmentally friendly way of cleaning grout is to attack it with a steam cleaner. Outfit your steam cleaner with a thin and pointed nozzle, and a brush attachment if it’s available. Aim the nozzle at the grout lines, apply continuous steam, and follow the grout lines with the steamer.

Even if the steam cleaner doesn’t get the grout perfectly clean, it will clean it somewhat, and help loosen the rest of the dirt and debris to make it easier to clean with other products.  Source: WikiHow

Create a vinegar solution
Fill your spray bottle with a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water and spray the work area generously. Let the solution sit for about five minutes, then follow up with a grout brush or a scrub brush. If you don’t have one of these, a toothbrush works in a pinch. Rinse with warm water.

Make paste using baking soda
In a small bowl, make a paste with baking soda and water. Dip your toothbrush or grout brush in the paste and work it into the grout. Spray the area with your vinegar + water solution. The vinegar will cause the baking soda to bubble up and will start to work away that nasty soap scum. Use your brush and get all the way into the grout lines to remove buildup. Rinse with warm water. Source: ApartmentTherapy

Prevent grime from building up
To prevent dingy shower grout in the future, run a squeegee on the tile after you’re done bathing. Moisture can lead to mildew stains, so the drier you keep your bathroom, the less you’ll have to clean it. Opening a window, turning on the exhaust fan while showering and leaving the door open will also help it dissipate. And don’t forget to stretch the shower curtain open either. “A couple extra minutes of work can really minimize cleaning time in the long-run,” says Forte. Source: GoodHousekeeping

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Universal Design Ideas for Your Bathroom

Thinking about how long you’ll likely stay in your home can help you plan a universal design for your bathroom. This is beneficial to everyone in the family including the children and the elderly. If you have no idea where to start, here are some great tips:

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Single-lever faucets
When choosing a faucet, it’s important to keep in mind how people with limited mobility will use it. A single-lever design can be turned off and on with an open palm or a closed fist, which makes it the perfect addition to a universally designed bathroom. Source: BHG

Flooring that prevents slips
Textured flooring in any location can help prevent dangerous trips, slips, and falls. Tile presents a variety of textural possibilities in the bathroom that can work for universal-design updates. “In showers, we like to cut the tiles in a two-by-two size so that you have a lot of grout in between to prevent slipping,” says Kelly. Larger floor-mat tiles with a bit of texture can also create more friction for walking. Source: ThisOldHouse

Ample space
Wheelchair-accessible bathroom dimensions require clear space of at least 5 feet (60 inches) in diameter to allow a 180-degree turn. If space is at a premium, consider keeping the room open rather than compartmentalizing the toilet so that a wheelchair’s turning radius can be accommodated. Source: HouseLogic

Easy access
Create an easy-to-use bathroom on your home’s main level. If your house has more than one floor, make sure an accommodating bathroom is located on the main level. That way, family members or guests who might not be able to handle stairs will have access to a comfortable bathroom, making your home more welcoming for everyone. Source:  DIYNetwork

Grab bars
Whether a bather is 6 or 60, anyone could use the security of a grab bar in the shower. Sleek grab bars can double as towel holders, and there are modern options that will complement the overall look of your bathroom rather than detracting from it. Source: HGTV

Take a look at our website and feel free to call us if you need help on planning your dream bathroom.


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4 Benefits of Sweating

Sweating a lot during an infrared sauna session is undeniably relaxing. But there’s actually more to it than that. Learn more about some of the reasons why having a good sweat is important as you read below:

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If there’s one thing that sweating is good for, it’s detoxification. Beyond juicing and other fad-type cleanses and diets, sweating is the number one most efficient way to eliminate toxins from your body.

Sweating flushes a wide range of potential pollutants from your body, including alcohol, cholesterol and certain types of salt. It also banishes many other chemicals and compounds which can otherwise accumulate inside you and create all sorts of trouble. Sweat is the conduit by which these nasties are expunged from the body. Source: TheAlternativeDaily

Eliminate zits
“When you sweat, your pores open and release the grit and grime that has built up inside of them,” says Whitney Bowe, MD, a dermatologist in Briarcliff Manor, New York. Caveat: Don’t just sweat and go. All of that dirt from your pores accumulates on the surface of your skin, so aim to wash your face three times a day, especially if you are constantly playing sports or working out. Source: FitnessMagazine

Protect kidneys
Sweating limits the accumulation of salt and calcium in the kidneys and urine, which can reduce the risk of kidney stones. In addition, more sweating increases thirst, which may lead to greater water consumption. The more water goes in, the less likely it is that kidney stones will form. Source: Fix

Antibacterial properties
Dermcidin is an antimicrobial peptide with a broad spectrum of activity that is expressed in eccrine sweat glands and secreted into sweat. In the average healthy person, research shows that sweating leads to a reduction of viable bacteria on your skin surface, which may lower your risk of skin infections.

In fact, one study suggested that people with atopic dermatitis, who have recurrent bacterial or viral skin infections, may be lacking dermcidin in their sweat, which may impair the innate defense system in human skin. Source: Fitness.Mercola

Having your very own sauna at home means unlimited time for relaxing and detoxification. You can even invite your friends over for a spa day. If you don’t have a sauna yet, feel free to call us today for more information!


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Tips on How to Style Your Bathroom

Summer is the perfect season for taking on remodeling projects. If you’re planning to re-do your bathroom, now would be a good time. Don’t forget to keep these things in mind:

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Browse websites and magazines for ideas
Buy design magazines that focus on interior decorating, especially for bathrooms. Browse through the magazines to look at design ideas that might suit your bathroom. Search design websites and blogs for ideas for your bathroom, including how to lay it out and which fixtures to use in your space.

You can also go to interior decorating stores to get ideas for your bathroom. Visit showrooms that focus on bathroom design. Source: WikiHow

Consider standard bathroom dimensions
Knowing a few key measurements, like the size of a typical bathtub and how much space is needed for a toilet, will help you plan your remodel more efficiently. Source: Houzz

 Plan for a good lighting
The most critical area for bathroom lighting is the mirror. Ideally you should have wall-mount lights at each side of the mirror at about eye level, with a third light above the mirror. This arrangement illuminates your face from both sides and above, eliminating shadows. Source: BHG

Think about what will appeal most in the long run
Universal design, which emphasizes roomier floor plans with wider doorways, taller toilets and curbless showers, has become much more commonplace in recent years. “The beauty of universal design is it’s just that. It’s not handicap design, it’s universal, and all of us benefit from it,” says Max Isley, owner of Hampton Kitchens, Raleigh, N.C. If the plan is to stay in a home long term, a bathroom that incorporates universal design principles can be a wise investment. Source: DIYNetwork

Your bathroom remodel wouldn’t be complete if you don’t get the best fixtures to suit your budget. We can help you pick something out!


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Simple Care Tips for the Bathroom Sink

At the end of a long day, all we want to do is relax in our comfort zone. However, a home with a dingy bathroom isn’t exactly what we have in mind when we think of comfort, right? Have a pristine, hotel-like bathroom by practicing these tips:

Photo by Dan Watson on Unsplash

Keep your sink from getting scratched
Avoid abrasive cleaners, which can scratch your sink. Those scratches become magnets for grease, soap scum and dirt. Scrubbing the sink with a solution of 1 tablespoon ammonia to 1 gallon of water will dissolve them and bring back your sink’s shine. A solution of 1 teaspoon of trisodium phosphate to a gallon of water effectively removes grease and soap scum build up as well. Also known as TSP, trisodium phosphate, a degreasing agent, can be found at most hardware stores in white powder form. Source: HomeGuides.SFGate

Maintain a clean sink
Regularly wash your sink with soap and water. You can prevent dirt and stains from building up in the first place by gently washing your sink after every use. Use a little dish soap and a soft, non-abrasive sponge, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.  Source: WikiHow

Remove stains right away
De-stain surfaces with lemon juice. We’ve got a sure remedy for stained sinks: Erase those spots with a paste made of one-half cup of powdered borax and the juice of one-half lemon. Dab a sponge in the mixture, rub, and rinse with running water—it’ll work like a charm whether your sink is made of porcelain enamel, stainless steel, or any other material.

Get rid of mineral deposits
Use vinegar on your lime. The white spots that you have so much trouble cleaning off the faucets are lime deposits from mineral-rich hard water. They’re very easy to remove with a secret ingredient that’s already in your pantry: vinegar. Soak a paper towel in vinegar, and wrap the towel around the spotted area. Wait 10 minutes and then buff with a dry paper towel. This works well on all fixtures except brass or colored fixtures; using vinegar on these surfaces may discolor them. Source: RD

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Cleaning Tips for Stubborn Toilet Stains

Are you finding it difficult to remove ring stains in your toilet? With the following ingredients, you’ll have plenty of effective solutions to choose from.

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Get rid of stubborn toilet bowl stains with a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola. Pour the full can around the rim of your toilet so it coats the toilet bowl and let the soda sit for an hour. The acid in the Coca-Cola will break down the stains. After an hour, scrub the bowl with a toilet brush and flush. Source: BrightNest

Most people reach for bleach to obliterate toilet germs and stains. However, Green living expert Mark Lallanilla says that plain old white vinegar is not only an effective cleaner, but also safer than chlorine bleach. To eliminate hard water stains, soak toilet paper in vinegar and place directly on top of the stain. Let the vinegar-soaked paper sit overnight. The next morning, flush to rinse and the stains should be gone.

Lallanilla says that full-strength vinegar also works great on grout and caulk. Use a spray bottle to saturate the area and let it soak in for at least an hour before rinsing. Source: TheSpruce

Water softener
Often times stubborn toilet bowl rings are directly the result of hard water deposits. While you can always take some time to clean the ring after it appears, it is usually better to stop the problem from ever forming in the first place. If you can afford to do it, install a water softener in your home and have it maintained properly. This should reduce a large number of water related problems not just in the bathroom, but throughout the rest of the house as well. Source: Cleaning.Tips

Borax powder
Borax powder is a very powerful cleaning agent that’s not found in a supermarket, but in a hardware store. Shut the water supply to the toilet tank and empty the bowl by flushing it once. Sprinkle the powder directly on the stains and rub them with a toilet brush. After scrubbing, let the powder sit for thirty minutes. Then reconnect the water supply to the tank and flush the toilet. Source: Home.HowStuffWork

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Tips on Creating an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Every single effort counts when it comes to taking care of the environment. Start practicing environmentally-safe habits right at home by choosing to do the following tips:

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Buy a low-flow toilet
Toilets use approximately 27% of the water consumed in your home — more than any other appliances or plumbing — including the washing machine, dishwasher and shower. Replacing your old toilet with a low-flow model is a great place to start when greening your bathroom. Newer homes will boast more efficient low-flow toilets installed by their contractor, but those found in older homes can use up to a whopping 7 gallons per flush. While low-flow toilets used to get a bad rap for boasting a less than desirable flush, sometimes requiring users to hit the handle twice, modern low-flow toilets provide ample flushing power while still using just a fraction of the water. Source: Inhabitat

Install aerators
One of the easiest, most cost-effective water conservation measures you can make is the addition of aerators to faucets. These devices, retailing for less than $5, screw onto the faucet head and add air to lower water flow from 2 to 4 gpm down to 1 gpm, but still provide a feeling of high water pressure. Source: AngiesList

Use organic towels
Next time you have to replace your bath towels, choose organic cotton. Conventional cotton is one of the most water-intensive and polluting crops on the planet. Don’t go out and replace your perfectly good old towels with organic ones, though. The lowest-impact choice you can make is to buy nothing. But when your old towels are starting to fall apart, go organic. Source: Care2

Switch to a tankless water heater
Replacing a tanked water heater with a tankless model will reduce the amount of energy consumed and the cost to heat water. A tankless water heater will heat only what is needed, when it’s needed. Plus, it doesn’t require a pilot light, so it emits less carbon dioxide and improves indoor air quality. Source: HGTV

A dual flush toilet can help you minimize your water consumption. Choose from the latest models as you browse through our website or call us for assistance.


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